New YouTubers Some Mistake

New YouTubers Some Mistake


2018-2019 some YouTuber doing some very grateful mistake for growing their channel. That’s why their channel is not growing. If you want to know what is your mistake, please read this blog. Then you make a big and good YouTuber. So finally which mistake doing again and again in your youtube channel. Let’s see.

Chose you wrong channel name

Channel name chose is a good important for all YouTuber. If you chose the wrong channel name. Then your channel is not coming to YouTube browsing features.

Example:- YouTube browsing features all channel coming.

  1. Tech channel
  2. Science channel
  3. Sports channel
  4. Movie channel
  5. Song channel
  6. News channel
  7. Local serial channel
  8. Earning topic


All type of channel has on youtube. If you want to create a Tech channel. Chose a good name for your channel.

Example: you have tech Chanel “chose a name your name then Tech ” This is a better option for creating a channel name.

Example: You want to create science and motivated channel.  Just chose an easy name. Look I want to create a science channel I chose this name “Science thinking” Etc.

If you have confused which name you better for your youtube. Just go to google and type Youtube name generator. Then you chose any name. Which name you like.

Wrong information in your video.

If you want to big YouTubers.First of all, you must be true. If you not true and give the wrong information in your video. After sometimes bad effect on your YouTube channel.

So please give the right information when you making the video.

Channel promotion

Many people are YouTuber who wants to promote their channel. But do you know how good it is to promote the channel? I’m telling you if you want to be a big YouTuber, then think about this because if you are promoting the channel, you will have a bad effect on your channel.

If you are promoting your channel then your subscriber is not the subscriber’s, so the channel promotes the band.

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