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YouTube All New Update 2019 Latest -

Youtube New Update

Youtube New Update

Youtube New update is a big update if you don’t know this update please Read Youtube New Update. if you don’t Read. Your Chanel is Terminated. within 3 months.
Youtube New update Latest
Youtube New Update
About Youtube New Update
Hello friends, there are three new updates on YouTube that updates are very important for you. These three updates tell you one by one when these updates are available, you will not receive any strikes in your YouTube account, if you do not know, then your channel on YouTube Let’s know if the strikes can come up

Youtube Big New Update List.

  1. Friends, the first update is that YouTube’s thumbnail is about friends with youtube thumbnail is now a big thing. If you mean that YouTube uses any Violation items in thumbnail then your account is closed. First, you will have a mail that will be sent from YouTube. It will be said that there is a violet that is removing your thumb, then remove that Youtube thumbnail.
  1. Now that’s coming to YouTube has to change its platforms every day and their algorithms have to be changed so there is a lot of violation on YouTube videos that have become very problematic for YouTube users, such as YouTube’s Violation or Violation If there is any pornography or any child violence then these videos will be removed and removed Pictures of these things will be given to strike Beware of the channel
  1. Now the latest update is coming. It is very important for you to know that the latest update is that if you give a link to your video description of a YouTube video, if the link is a virus, then the virus is side-by-side and the user accesses the site from there If there is a virus and the user has any damage, then the link to the link will be closed and your YouTube account is closed. What comes next is that you or someone else has opened a prank channel on YouTube. If there is a prank in the channel whose user’s mentality is over, then the video will be removed from you. These updates were some of our updates. Told.
Hello friends, everyone was going to tell me this update today and I did not know if the article looks good then comment and follow our website.

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