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Best Writing Apps Android or Writing Apps For Windows


Best Writing Apps, Android. Writing is the most important for Every Blogger. Those who write blogs or books. Writing apps are very imprinted. Because it is not always possible to write in front of the computer, this requires writing apps because of this. I will tell you ten kinds of Android Apps. You have one of those apps in between. You can write blogs or eBooks. Friends, you can use a computer or Android two. So let’s get started About the 10 Android Apps.

Best Writing App For Android 

Hello, Friends Today We Will Discuss Android Writing App. Top 9 Writing App For Android Most Usually For Blogger. How To Use This App For Android. Open your Google Play store. Download App which you Like and install or Use. So Friends Latest Start.

    1. IA Writer For Android

      IA-Writer-Application-android.pngTop Android Writing App For IA Writer Application. IA Writer app is the best application For writing a blog, etc. When Install the IA Writer app. Open this application. You Can See Five Option

        1. Device Private (Private)

          DEVICE PRIVATE. You Device Access, Only Private. If You Write any Article In this Application. This Article only Save IN Your Phone. Any One can’t See your Article. This called Device Private. How to Write an Article. Open Device Private — Down Right Site You Can See (Blue Color Plus Sing)—-Click this Plus Button—Now Write Article 

        2. Device (Public)

          DEVICE PUBLIC. This Option needs to permission on your phone. File Manager Permission. Now You can share your file and Access Any location. You can Export Your Project or Sent Another computer or phone. You can preview your File. Click to Device (Public) Button –Phone Right Side Corner You Can See Plus Button—Click to Plus Button–Then You Can Write. 

        3. Google Drive

          Google Drive Is the Best Option. When You Write Any Article. You Need to Export or Share any device or any Computer. Google Drive can Help You Share Your file Anywhere or Access. You Don’t Need to Configure Many Option. Click TO Google Drive — Now You need to Connect Google Google Drive—Login Your Gmail Account– When You Completely Follow This All Steps. You Can see Google Drive Option Is Showing You (Connected)

        4. DropBox

          Dropbox is same to same Google Drive. You are Using Google Drive. But Another Person Using DropBox. You can Connect Your DropBox Account For Click to DropBox Option. Click TO DropBox Option–Then You Can See DropBox Login Page—Now Enter Your User Name Or Password– Click Login— The You Can See Your DropBox Is Connect. Now You Can Easily Transfer Your File Anywhere and access Any Device.

        5. Open From

          Open From this Option Use For Existing Article. If You Any article Save your Device or Google Drive. You can Open This Article File and rewrite again.  

        1. Online CollaborationNew-Project.pngOnline Collaboration Write Article Or Blog Or Any Content. You can Share any Person. Or Any Person if Like your Content. he Follows Your Profile. If you Are Blogger Is the Best Option For Getting Blog Idea or topic. Click to online Collaboration — Then Login your Gmail Account– Now You can see Many People Share there Article this Online Collaboration. You Can Join
    2. JotterPad – Writer Simply


      JotterPad Writer Is the Best Android Writer You Can Use This Application. You Can Download From Google PlayStore. Download This Application Install on your Android Mobile. When You Install this Application. Welcome Massage then Click to Continue. JotterPad Application is Premium Version or Free Version. Premium Version Features You can Share Your File Through Cloud (Google Drive, DropBox, Cloud Storage) Free Version is not Available Cloud Option. You Can Export Your Computer or Mobile and Use.

      How To Write Article IN JotterPad App:-  

      When Install The Application Click to Plus Button Then Add New. Now You Can Write Your Article. This Application Color Design is Beautiful. When You write Any Article, You Can See Your Article Preview. You can Find a Night Mode Option if You Need Any Extra Features Click To Add On And Buy This Add On.

    3. MonoSpace Writer


      MonoSpace Writer Application For Android. This Application Available on Google Play Store. The monospace writer is an excellent writer For Every writer or Blogger. When You Install This Application. After then, this application is Simple Design black and white color. Lat’S talk about monospace Features.

      1. Monospace Writer Features


        This Writer application you can easily access on your Android Phone. When Open this Application This Application. First Screen you can see Already Created “Four” Folder. Open the example Folder, and You Must Read All Things. Next open Monospace Tutorials, then you can see “HOW TO FORMAT,” “Read Me First,” “Hardware Keyword,” “Organising with the hashtag.” This Application Using #Tag or Long Time Press In a word then you can see all option. Now you can write or edit or design.

    4. Grammarly – Writer Online Of Offline


      This App best writer tools online or Offline. Grammarly uses for a grammar checker. 90% Blogger using these tools. Grammarly available free version or Premium Version Free version. Premium version is Better to free release. When you get Grammarly App, You get Grammarly Keyboard on your Android Mobile. This keyboard is working when you are writing anywhere. If you mistake any Grammar this keyboard show you grammar mistake.

    5. Google Doc-Writer on You Android Phone


      Google Doc Is product Of Google. Microsoft Word. Google Doc Design is Beautiful. When You Install Google Doc Application You Got Beautifull Dashboard. When you write an article on Google Doc. This Doc autoSave in your dashboard this doc any time export any computer or mobile. All doc auto-synchronize your google drive. You can share your doc article anyone.

      1. Features of Google Doc  Google Doc Give you Lot of Features. (1) You Can Shere you doc or article with any Friends or Any person. (2) You Can Save your doc any Important (For * Icon). (3) You can write your doc offline or save. (4) Connect Google Drive. You got two option template or blank doc. (6) Template resume formate or latter format. You got a lot of Features.  Google-Doc-Writer.png
    6. Writer Plush Application For Android


      Application For Android application is available on Google play store. This Application designed For writer purpose. And This Application working in the hashtag. About this application read this how to use writer plus.

  1. Best Writing IOS For I-Phone or I-pad and MAC Book.

    Now we are talking about some IOS Application for writer iPhone or i-pad or MacBook. You can use this all form and use. Let’s talk about this application

    1. Editorial – For IOS Writer (Download)


      Only For iPhone OR iPad. This application design is beautiful, or you get a lot of features from this ios application. You can share your article, family or friends. Connect with a cloud.

    2. Microsoft Word -Writing APP (IOS or iPad- Download)


      Microsoft Word is useful for writing; you can get a lot of features and excellent design and night mode option. You can connect cloud storage or DropBox and Google Drive Etc.

    3. Drafts 4 – Writer For IOS And MacBook(Download)


      Drafts-4 for ios you can use this ios application. This application for writing purpose. Go to your ios app store and download this application and install. You can share this text file and export your computer or laptop or your other mobile. The Application also available other features. Drafts 5 is for the latest version for IOS OR IPAD. This application you can edit your any code. 

    4. IA Writer For Ios (Download)


      IA Writer is the best writer for IOS. Even I am using IA Writer. Writing for beautiful and with a lot of features. Share your file anywhere or any person. Access any time in any place. Connect your cloud account or google drive. Access to IA Communication.

    5. Ulysses – Android and Ipad


      This Application Is the best application on ios and iPad. This Application designed is not proper, but all Features is available on iPhone or iPad. This application live synchronization iPad between Tablet or mobile. You can download this app and use this phone.

  2. Best Writing App For Windows or Windows 10

Friends All windows operating system for an available lot of software through you can download or install in your computer and use. I will tell you all the software name. Go to google and Download this software and application. This software is propeller and usable for windows operating system. Now lates see.

  1. Grammarly – Grammar Is the best online writer tools for spelling mistakes and grammar checker. You can use the free version for enough. You want, you can buy a premium version.
  2. LibreOffice 
  3. Google Doc
  4. Microsoft Word ( 2007 to latest version)
  5. Focus Writer
  6. MS Notepad

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