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Friends today we are talking about how to write a blog from Android phone. Some people do not have a laptop or tablet. It’s not possible to write blogs for those people. That’s why I will tell you how to write your blog from your Android phone.

Writer Plus Android
Writer Plus

How to Write your blog from your Android phone.

  • when anyone first time starting a blog. All the people first time using the phone. Phone through the first write a post then those people using a laptop.
  • now the question is which Android application through the write post.
  • 5 type of application available in the play store to write a post. Now the question is which application better and which Application user-friendly for write a post.
Writer Plus Application Dasbord
Writer Plus Application

Application list to write a blog.

1.Writer plus Application
- **Writer Plus**this application on available on **Google play store** you can use this application.
 If you don't have any laptop either if you want to write a blog using an Android phone. This application is a very useful and amazing feature. 
And Amazing writing board. Actually, I am using this application for writing a post. 
Now the question is **How to use writer plus**

How To Use Writer Plus
How To Use Writer Plus

How to use Writer plus?

  • Very easy to use Writer plus. First of all, go to Google Play store and write on play store Search bar Writer Plus And download (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=co.easy4u.writer) Then you install the application on your phone.
  • next, open the application then you can see this type of image. First, you have to write the *How to use this application
  • *How to use H1 Tag
  • *How to use H2 Tag
  • *How To use H3 Tag
  • *How to use Bold
  • *How to use italic
  • *How to use this type of tag
  • *how to use this type of front
    how to use this type of tag All you can understand how to use Writer Plus. Is better use and user-friendly.
    1. Writerapplication
    • This application is an old version. Writer application this application has been modified by the new name Google play store *Writer plus
  • This application is to work the same to the writer plus. Is better for you using writer plus.
    1. Writer Application
  • this application is different I can’t use this application. This application logo is Goggles type. You can test this application. And comments us how is the Application.
    1. Writer – Create docs and Share
  • This application is better I am not using this application. This application rating is 4.1 I don’t know how to use this application and this application user-friendly or not. If you have to interest. You can download this application and use.
    1. Jotterpad Writer
  • this application is good but I can’t refer to use this application. I don’t know how to use this application if you have to interest you can install this application and use and comments us.

Friends This is my collection for Android Mobile through how to write your vlog in blogger.com

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