WordPress Vs. Blogger-Which is Better For Creating A New Website

WordPress Vs. Blogger-Which is Better For Creating A New Website

WordPress Vs. Blogger-Which is Better For Creating A New Website

Wordpress and Blogger Which One Better
WordPress Vs. Blogger
WordPress Vs. Blogger – Blogger is very good. We can use it in free. But the limited thing between blogger and it’s Google product. WordPress is the paid service. There are many extra features in WordPress. Many of these plugging are available, which makes a blog beautiful. If we compare WordPress and Blogger, we will know a lot. WordPress Vs. Blogger is a perfect platform for creating a new website or blog. But nowadays, the prominent bloggers in their time have started blogging one time. Many people may not believe it, But this is true. Everyone started blogging and started blogging now.
This time, all of you have a question about why they are blogging to blogger.com to WordPress to transfer their website or blog. I’ll tell you those things that they shifted from Blogger.com to WordPress. Blogger.com started using WordPress for what was not. I will tell all of you.


Friends Today I will tell you about WordPress vs. Blogger. The blogger is the best platform website to create a blog or blogger. There are no better features for a blogger anymore.
1.     Blogger, you can post anything you post by posting it. In Blogger you will find limited things. Do not get any plugging just Simple
2.     You cannot use any sub-domain in Blogger. In the meantime, the themes you will be given are straightforward to see, and that means you cannot change anything in those themes. Only the color of the writing style of the style of the site can be modified to indicate bigger or smaller.
3.     You cannot remove this as the permalink date you have in Blogger. And if you use a label in the blogger, then the URL that comes in the name occurs in the number of these cannot be changed.
4.     You cannot create a table in Blogger. If you do not have any custom designs in Blogger, You need to know the HTML coding to use any extra things other than those that are in the blogger. Otherwise, you cannot.
WordPress is your server, and everything is your own. You will find a lot of option in WordPress. From where you buy the domain, from there you will get, and you can do whatever you like in it. You can not use Subdomain such as Bloggers. But if you are in WordPress, you can use a subdomain. You can create your own website’s mail in your website’s domain name. But in Blogger you cannot create an email on your domain. You can create your template in WordPress. And between WordPress, you have default template you can use them. But you do not get all this in the blogger.

1. WordPress is the best platform to create a new blog or website. You can start a beautiful website or blog from WordPress.

2. WordPress allows you to use Template as you wish and you can design your template or style.



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