Why Admob Add Is Not Showing in Thunkable App ?

Admob Ads Not Showing In your Thunkable Application And Why?

Hello friends, I’ll tell you the thing that is very strange today. Friends, we know that the account is open in Admob and that is what we have in our Android app, and we get Adobe Code from here.

But everyone who knows the coding code in Android Studio, but they have many who do not know how many websites they have, namely Thunkable Right and other websites from which Android and iOS applications are built, but those who make this way This is the thing for them to add this add-on to the Android application AdMob code does not apply after the ads not showing.
Friends are the reason why this problem is causing the problem because the news from Adsense and Admob came a few days ago with the Adsense ad code, many people have got self Earning. That’s why Google Adsense has changed their coding and they have announced that advertisements cannot be seen in any application other than Android Studio. And even if it says that Admob add code is used by making application in the Thunkabal and other websites for making Android applications, add code for that will not show up immediately, and after 10 days of making the application, if the application is used well, then the user The ad code will be as much as I know you tell me if you like to share it.

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