Triny Url | What is Triny Url?

Triny Url | What is Triny Url?

Triny Url | What is Triny Url?

What is Triny URL? Triny url is the short link URL website. From here you can shorten any of your website’s large URL. There are many such websites in their Triny.url one.

Friends tiny.url What does that website work?

     Friends triny.url This website allows you to shorten a url. Think you made a website. On this website, you have created a url which is a very big link / url. You want to send your url or link to your friend but how to shorten the url / link. So you have to create a shortlik url. How to make them. Because of that, there are many websites on the Internet that make you shortlink url. What you need to do is to go to their website and copy your key link / url to copy it and then shortlink it into it.


How to Use Trinyurl?
    Friends very simple If you want to shorten your large url then you have to copy the big url. Then you have to copy the copy url to tinyurl website and paste it. Then take that url short you can use your friends or any official organs. Take a look at the example below.

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