What do you need to create a blog and Website?

What do you need to create a blog website?

Create a blog Website
What do need to create Blog?
Friends do not need much to build a blog or website. Yes, some things are needed. And the things I need to do is not blog or blogging except those things, so I’m telling you one thing on the list that they are very important for blogging.
  1. You need to create an e-mail ID that means the Gmail ID and it will be real.
  2. After you have a Gmail ID, go to Google and log in to the blog.
  3. You need to have a normal block or if you do not have to create a blog by your name or if you want to start with your business, then you have to open a blog by business name as if you want to open a job website, then the block The name will be Job.Blogspot.com
  4. you Need to Google + Account 
This All Things all you needed to create a Blogger 
Then you Will Create Blogger 


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