What are the windows 10 Maximum system hardware requirements?

What are the windows 10 Maximum system hardware requirements?

Most of The People Thinking That Windows 10  is not Running Normal System.

Like 1GB Ram or 2GB RAM and Need maximum storage 500 to 1000 GB. Windows 10 operating system.

Microsoft Anousment its official Page.

Windows 10 Maximum Requirments as:- 

System 32 Bit 

  • Processor – 1 Gigahertz (GH2)
  • RAM – 1 Gigabyte (GB)
  • Hardisk or Storage – Minimum 16 GB (Gigabyte)
  • Graphics Card – Direct x 9
  • Driver – WDM 1.0 Driver.
  • Display Size – 800 X 600

Windows 10 System 64 Bit 

  • Processor – 1 gigahertz (GH2)
  • Ram – 2GB (Gigabyte)
  • Hardisk or Storage – 20 GB Minium
  • Graphics Card – WDM 1.0 or Directx 9

This all Basic Requirement if you are installing windows 10 on your system.

Most of the people using Windows 7 and They are want to upgrade Wind0ws 7 to windows 10.  and They are finding on google how to Upgrade Windows 10. if you don’t know. Leave comment us. We will support you for upgrade windows 7 to windows 10.

What is windows 10 System requirements

if you are you want windows 10 pro or another version. This is all minium requirement for all windows 10. you need to chose which version you want to use your computer.

If you chose windows 10 64 bit to follow this all hardware Requirement (Only For 64 Bit).

If you want to install Windows 10 32 bit, you can follow all Hardware Requirement (Only For 32 Bit )

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How to Get Faster Running system Windows 10 Requirements 

Most of the people thinking this all requirement through Windows 10 System Running Fast Or Windows 10 Running Slow.

Friends, This all Minimum Requirements For Running Windows 10 on your pc. if you want to faster-running windows 10 on your system. Follow all Requirements.

Windows 10 Faster Running Hardware Requirements:-

  • Ram – Minimum 4 GB or Upper Like (8GB or 16 GB)
  • Processor – 2.5 gigahertz Or upper Like i5 or i7
  • Hardisk – Minimum 500 GB
  • Display:- HD (1920X1080)
  • NVIDIA Graphics Card

if you use this all requirement on your system hardware.  you can use heavy software Like Video Editing software or another software photoshop adobe after effect etc.

Which Windows 10 Version is better

This Three windows Version Currently Available You can Buy from Microsoft website or buy from market. with product keys.




Internet Connection for Windows 10

First, you don’t need a high internet connection. Because of when windows need any Update this time you need internet and When you first time installing Windows 10. This time required Internet Connection. Either the Internet connection is not recommended.


if you are using high software or editing video Etc. you need high configuration your computer. 


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