Top Plugin For WordPress| Mostly Use Need for your WordPress

Top Plugin For WordPress| Mostly Use Need for your WordPress

Top MOSTLY Useful Plugin For WordPress


If you are a WordPress user, you must know which plugins are beneficial for using WordPress websites. There are many types of WordPress plugins that you can get. If you do not use this plugin. You have a bad effect on your site. I will Tell you some plugins today, which is very useful for WordPress website users. And all of those things I share with you today.

  • You can search on Google; you will find many types of websites. It is all about saying many types of plugins on the site. You can know that most of the plugins are used if you use those plugins. Your website may be slow or may have problems on SEO. I will tell you by the list. If you use those plugins, there is no need to use any other plugins. These plugins are top-rated and very powerful. And by using these, you can speed up your website, the website of the SEO website. The website A to Z allows you to maintain everything. Let’s Start to discuss those plugins. 

Most Important Plugin For WordPress 

  1. Akismet Anti-Spam:- Protect Your WordPress Site for Spamming. 

Best Anti Spam

What is Akismet ?. Akismet is an essential plugin for WordPress. About Akismet, please Read Full Article. Akismet is a Spam Filtering Plugin. Some person gives the spam comments in WordPress Website. For WordPress Co-Founder Make this plugin. Akismet Plugin, This Plugin If You Use. Your Website Save for Spam Commenting.

How It Work:-

Akismet is the stop Spamming on your website. Install the Akismet plugin. You need to activation key men’s API KEY. If you do not give the API key in your Akismet plugin. Your plugin is not working. If you have a personal blog. You don’t need to pay anything to Akismet. If you have multiple websites. You need to pay 0$ – 35$. You run the 1 API KEY for the various sites.

Put your API Key. Just go to a configuration setting. And stop spam options and click done.

2. Yoast SEO:- 

Yoast SEO Plugin

Yoast SEO is an awe-inspiring thing. Better position in Google. Yoast SEO Boost Your Website There are many things about Yoast SEO. Yoast SEO has two versions. Normal Orange Premium. You can buy it premium Normal you can use it for free.

Also Read – How To Setup Yoast SEO 

Yoast Features 

Yoast gives the best feature in Yoast SEO.   Beast SEO Plugin For WordPress


3. W3 Total Caches. W3 Total Cache is a very Imprint plugin. In this, you will get a lot of features. This plugin will optimize your website. WordPress plugin uses 90% WordPress plugin this plugin. There are two versions in this plugin.

1- Free version
2. Premium version
I used the free version on my website. There’s a lot to offer in the free version. You do not need to buy a premium version. I’ll tell you two versions of Free Version and Premium Edition Faytureres.

  1. Free Version features 

  • Page Speed Report.
  • Image Optimize.
  • Minify – Reduce load time by decreasing the size and number of CSS and JS files. Automatically remove unnecessary data from CSSJS, feed, page and post HTML.
  • Opcode Cache.
  • Database Cache.
  • Object Cache – Enable object caching.
  • Browser Cache – Reduce server load and decrease response time by using the cache available in site visitor’s web browser.
  • CDN – Host static files with your CDN to reduce page load time. If you do not have a CDN provider try StackPath
  • Reverse Proxy –  Purge settings are set on the Page Cache settings page, and Browser Cache settings are set on the browser cache settings page.
  • Fragment Cache – Enable fragment caching to reduce execution time for joint operations.
  • Monitoring – Enable fragment caching to reduce execution time for everyday operations.
  • Debug – Detailed information about each cache will be appended in (publicly available) HTML comments in the page’s source code.
  • Import and Export Configuration

Premium Features – 

  • All the above features available
  • Premium Support Response (Usually <1h First Response)
  • Performance Audit / Consult (Theme, Plugin, Content, Server)
  • Plugin Configuration
  • SSL Performance Setup
  • Full Site Delivery Setup
  • Hosting Environment Troubleshooting
  • Performance Monitoring

4. Smush Plugin Smush plugin This plugin is his job. You upload an image. You can optimize the size of that image with this plugin. I use this plugin. For images OPTIMIZE.

If the image is not optimized on your website, then your site may slow down. So many bloggers Using premium plugins. If you can buy a premium version, then you can use that SIMUS premium version.

SMUSH Feature:-

  • Automatic Smush – When you upload images to your site, Smush will automatically optimize and compress them for you.
  • Meta Deta.
  • Image Size – Resize Your Image

Contact 7 

Contact 7 Plugin

Contact 7 This plugin allows you to create any contact page in it. You can create different forms from the contact seven plugins. This plugin has two types of plugins.
1. Free plugins
2. Premium plugins are available.
Free plugins are enough for your website. You can use any of the pages of your own to say these features.

Shortcodes Ultimate

Shortcodes Ultimate

The most potent Imprint plugin is the Shortcodes Ultimate. This plugin is an essential plugin. If you want to design your post, Then your plug-ins will be beneficial. I use the plugins on my website. You can also use this plugin if you wish. The plugin has two types of plugins.
1. Free plugins
2. Premium Plugin
You can try this plugin to get a better quality plugin. To design your post.

Regenerated Thumble 

Regenerated Thumble

This plugin is excellent too. When you use a Thumble on your website, Thumble Size does not go well. Through this plugin, you will become generating Thumble automatically.


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