Pubg band !! Why Pubg Band In india ! What do you Think Really PUBG Band in india ?

Pubg band !! Why Pubg Band In India?


Hello friends, what will you say today is that the Pubg games are closed in India?

Friends, as far as I know, why stop the silly games because of what I am going to explain it to you. The PUBG game is going to be closed concurrently because it is closed on January 22. What is this mind consciousness? Let’s go to all my friends. And why is it really going to stop publicity in the media?

Friends, you are on Youtube and Google and in many places you see these things that all the same thing as saying that the sin will be stopped from January 22.
But friends cannot tell whether the sin is stooping, to tell the truth, but what is the truth is that the web games that have been closed in China before a few days have been closed. I will give you the list of those games in the bottom of the Friends The games were closed there. In this game, this game was a PUBG game, some of them banded there. friend The PC game is stopped. but no one has stopped the PUBG mobile games Why did not stop PU mobile games because of the reason that China’s governance does not want it to have the option of calling that Chinese people with the other country people for calling Can not talk, and Govt. Does not want Chinese People to stop talking to someone outside of the PC. And mobile games have not been closed yet, we can understand that it is closed in China, why are we going to stop in India? Friends, this game is not closed in our country. In my opinion, in a college, They set the pubg games off in there and they say that the ban on playing pubg games is in this college. There was a lot of disturbance for playing pubg games, so the public has closed down. Now there are some websites with this thing and in some places and in YouTube there will be a passing game, but an app is running, but I can not even tell whether it is correct or not You will know.

What do you Think Really PUBG Band in India?

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