TO 7 Original  Internet Speed Test Site-Best Internet Speed test For 2020

TO 7 Original Internet Speed Test Site-Best Internet Speed test For 2020

Best Internet Speed Test Site 2019 – 2020

We and All People know About the Internet. Every Time and we need internet. Some people using on Mobile Data Through and Some People Using Broadband. 2019 Many types of ISP Broadband available on this Market. And Everyone told us “We Are Provide The Best Network Speed ” Like High-Speed Broadband etc. But When we take ISP Connection. We are not Getting Proper Speed and Some Website not Opening and Loading Very slow.

Same Cases in Mobile Network. Some People or Some Mobile Network Like Airtel, Vodafone, Jio and Idea Etc. All People Calling Every Person Or Sending Massage. We are Providing 2gb Deta Per day Recharge 399. Etc.

Then we are Take this connection. Now Then we are facing All type of Problem. Speed Slow Etc.

How TO Check Proper Download Speed On My Network

Every One you Need to know “How to check Proper download or Upload Speed Right Way”. I provide You with All Information Please Follow All Stape.

Download Centos File

Stape 1:– First go Any Big File Download Site Like Download Centos, or You Need to Download Big File (File Size 4 GB upper). Minimum Download 4 File.

Stape 2:– Now Click to your Browser New Tab. Using Keyboard Press CTRL+J Now you can see Your Download Speed. Your File Download Speed Depending on your File Download Source Site.

Stape 3:– Now Left Click on System Task Bar. Then click on Start Task Manager Then Click Networking Tab.

Stape4:- NOW You can see local area connection or Wireless Network Showing You 23% This is your Download Speed.

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What is the Speed Test Website?

Best Internet Speed Test Website. Speed Test Website is work is PING MS. All Speed test Server When You Click to GO This All Server Calculating “What is the time PING MS our System to Destination ISP Server “. Then Speed test Server Giving Speed what our speed is.

Top 10 Speed test Website Giving Proper Speed on your ISP Internet

We are Provide You All Speed test website which is the Provide you Proper Interspersed On the right way.

1) Speed Test by Ookla

Speed test by Ookla is the time Give you Proper Speed Test. Speedtest Ookla is the best Speed test website. You need to Follow the All Option for getting Proper Speed Network. Open Click Speed Test Website. Then You Can See Left Site You ISP Name. Then You Can See Right site Other ISP Name. You Must Be Change Your Same ISP name Like Meghbela BroadbandThen Click to GO Now You Speed test is Starting.

Because You are using ISP Internet and This ISP give you internet and speed. Some of the other ISP Set Download and Upload Limit Speed on their Server. That’s Why You Need to Change Your ISP.

Now You can Check Right Way What is Your Internet download Speed or Upload Speed. The Cases I am Using Meghbela Broadband Internet And This is My Speed.

My ISP Server Speed Test

2)Speed Test – Broadband Internet Speed Test

Speed Test – Broadband Internet speed test is the best speed test website. You can Get Proper Speed on your internet. You can Get All Option Like Website Value Calculator, Global ISP Rank and Technology, or IP Address Checker  Etc.

Total Download And Upload

First Open then Open You can see Start Button Click to Start Botton then You can See What is Your Internet Ping MS Then You can See Your Download Speed or uploaded on Speed test Network you can see this is my Download Speed. I am Using 100 Mbps Network Connection. You do not change any Server this website automatically Chose server Then Sowing your download Speed on the Right Way.

3) – Provide By Netflix Powered By Netflix. You can See What is Your Proper Speed on your Internet. Also Provide you same things. When you go Website. Yo Don’t Need to Click anything Automatically Showing You What is Your Internet Download Speed download Speed is Better Also Provide Right Speed. You Can Check your Internet Speed Using that tools very useful and Very Simple. Automatically Chose Server and Automatically Showing Your Download Speed or Upload Speed. Also, You Can change Setting. All Option available there.

4) Xfinity Speed Test

Xifinity Speed Test Preview 

Xfinity Speed Test is the Speed Test is a new website. This Site is working same to speed type. You can check your internet Speed using tools. This Tools Provide By All Features Like Advanced Setting, and You can Choose Your Server. Xfinity speed test available on Android Mobile. You can Install Your Android Mobile And Check Your Mobile through Application.

Xfinity Speed Test Website You can See Start Button Then Click Start Button First This Website Showing you What Your Internet Download Speed is And What is YOUR Upload Speed Like Xfinity Speed Test. Most Of the People Using This Site.

5) Open Speed Test

Open Speed Test Broadband Speed Test

Open Speed Test is the HTML5 Code Design Speed Test Network. This Speed Test Website is the showing You What is your Current Internet Speed. You can see Your Jitter ms or Ping MS or Your Download ms or Upload. You can check here all type of Connection Like Mobile Deta or using ISP Broadband.

Open Speed Test is the most and Comoun Website. You can not change any server location. Because opens Speed Test chose automatically pic your isp server and Give you Full Report about speed on your Internet.

6)Speed Test 

Speed Test Website

Speed Test is the Good Website but some Time This website showing wrong download Speed or Upload Speed. But This site is ok. You Can See Proper Speed on Your Mobile Deta

Very Good Design and useful Website. You can check this website.

7) Meter.NET is suitable for Broadband and Mobile Data. This Website Through you Can See Your Perfect Speed On your Internet. First Press Start Button Then Automatically showing you what your upload and Download Speed ISP Giving You Look Like This

7) Speed Test Google Fiber

Speed Test With Google Fiber. Google Fiber Is a Simple Speed Test Site. You can Get Proper Speed On this Website. First of All Type ON Google Fiber Speed Test. You Can See the First Link Click Then You can Seed Google Speed Test Website.

Then You Can Start Button. Just Click to Start Now You Can See Your Download Speed And Upload Speed. This Site Product of Google. You can Easily Check Your Download Speed. Google Fibber is the trusted Website.


Friends This All Speed test website trusted and Genuine website. You can Check Your Proper Speed on your internet.

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