how to write a blog

How to write a blog?

How to write a blog. Most impotent things if you don’t know how to write a blog. you cannot post anything on your blog. so first you need to know how to write a blog in within 10 mint.
  1. First, you have to go then you have to login in your Google or Gmail Account.
  2. Then you going to post option. Then Create a New Post Chose.

How To Write a blogĀ 

Friends, what is the problem with which we will write a blog, how do we write and how to write, Google will show in our bank number one bank in our search results, then I will tell you today about this thing. I will tell you ten points on this thing that the serial below According to the given.
  1. When you write an article on something, you have to remember that the article is SEO and Friendly and that the article on which you are writing the article will give it the title of the search key to search the keyword and then search the title then write the title.
  2. When you are writing the title, remember one thing that the title is SEO Friendly, when you have to add a link to the title and add caption and search results so that your title is interactive for reading your article and the title is in search results The option is to write it well.
  3. This time the main point is the title of the article above when writing the article, search description below, then the title you want to write on the subtitle below your main Title.
  4. The article is written on the block in which you have to give a picture on it in the blog, which takes a peak attack to look like the blog, and the user blog that makes a lottery, then the block is later on and it is good for you to read your blog. Is interested in Reading.
  5. When you write the block, 50 more handsets have more wards in that block, and you have to be careful about where to use the bold language. Use the language time where the points will be used, where the countries will use less and the spelling so that the block can be seen very Looks beautiful.
  6. Now, when you are writing a blog, the point of thing in it will come off course. What do you have to do if you want to use a point, you will be better, you can see my blog, the way I gave the points and the blog I have to do to sim Then Rank your block.
  7. Now you are writing on a title. There you have ten points in the title list. Now what do you do in ten places you are giving five or six points, but Google will get it from your blog is not a good block or what you say is your blog So, I’m telling you that is very cleverly and well.
  8. When your article is complete, you will need to enter Permalink and Search Description and Robotics. If you can level and use it then there is no problem with that but Permalink is most impotent linked to Permalink. It is very imperative that will rank your blog.
  9. Do not use a picture in your blog that is heavyweight and if you use more than one picture in your blog then your blog will look very nice and the main thing in the blog is that I am telling you the last point.
  10. Now when you write the post, what should be shared and Do follow No follow link will give you Do follow and No follow link What I will explain to you in this blog. Now, please comment on what you like. Please tell me you will be able to write to me.
Friends, the ten points you have asked for, I have given Ten points. Now you have doubt from any of these things. You can tell us that we will post this blog, Thank You.

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