How To Setup Yoast SEO 2019 | Yoast Setup New Tick

How To Setup Yoast SEO 2019 – Yoast Setup New Tick

Set up Yoast SEO. When we create a WordPress website, there is a thing in our head. How can we rank our website in Google But we can not rank in a lot of effort. That’s why we downloaded various types of plugins from WordPress and used on the WordPress website.

Plugin on the WordPress website. There are many types of SEO plugins, including the most advanced plugins Yoast Normal SEO That’s what everyone uses on the WordPress website. This Yoast Best SEO features a variety of features that help a website rank a lot. The Best Yoast SEO has two versions. There is also a premium version of the Normal version. You will have to buy the premium version but you will not have to buy the normal version. You can use it like that. It is a problem that does not work if we do not properly configure Yoast. How to configure Yoast SEO. Please take a look at the below article.


The version of Yoast version. I have told you 2 versions Yoast -SEO may be a premium version of the traditional text. I actually have each version of the premium version and have every day unleash. It’ll show you the quality version and show the premium version, and that I can show you the primary version by configuring the premium version.

  • Premium Version 
  • Yoast Simple Version
Yoast SeoYoast SEO Premium
  • Yoast  ability to generate an XML sitemap.
  • Control Website permalink. 
  • You Can change your title and meta settings on a post and page basis.
  • Edit robots.txt files.
  • Yoast SEO you can see Google search display preview.
  • You can Verification and link with Google Webmaster Tools exploitation Yoast.
  • You can use Ability to index or not index individual sections of your web site.
  • Keyword optimization assistance.
  • Yoast _SEO ability to generate an XML sitemap.
  • This SEO control Website permalink. 
  • Change title and meta settings on a post and page.
  • Edit robots.txt files. 
  • Google search display preview. 
  • Verification and linking with Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Ability to Index /not index individual sections in your web site.
  • Keyword optimization assistance.
  • Yoast Premium Access – Redirect managercreate and manage redirects from within your WordPress install
  • Yoast Premium Access -Multiple focus keywords optimize a single post for up to 5 keywords.
  • Yoast Premium Access – Social previews check what your Facebook or Twitter post will look like
  • Yoast Premium Access – Premium support  24/7  Yoast SEO support team.
  • Yoast Premium Access – Superfast internal links suggestions
  • Yoast Premium Access – No ads!

Let’s do this now. How do you configure Yoast?

Plugin installation:-First, you need to install plugins. How do you install Yoast plugins? The plugin installed in two ways. One you have to download and install. Another one, Find Your WordPress Plugin Store.

Installation Processes in WordPress Store: –

Installation Processes in WordPress Store: -

First of all, you need to open your website dashboard in the wp-admin on the WordPress website.Then log in to your admin panel. ⇒then you go to the plugin option.Then you will need to add a new plugin. And click on Add New.Then you can see there are many types of plugins there. You can see the search box where you have to type Yoast.You’ll see Yoast plugins can see that there is an install button.You can click install and install your Yoast plugin.Then, when you click on the plugin on the left side, you will get an option called Install Plugin.You can see Yoast SEO at the bottom when you click on it. Below you can see that there is a button called Active.You can activate the plugin by clicking on the active button.

Yoast Premium Plugin Installation Process: -

First, of all go to the WordPress Dashboard. Click on the plugin on the left side.  Then click on Install Toolbar. Then you will need to click add a new option. Then you click on the upload button.then your key file from your computer {Yoast Premium seo} Uploads this file. Then install. Then after installing it.  Go to the installed plugins. Activate the plugin.

Yoast Premium SEO has configured now. Now you can open your dashboard and use it.

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-: Yoast Main Installation Process: –

1. First, click to General Yoast SEO.

Yoast seo First time Install
If You Firs time install you can see this type of page

Site Type:-

Yoast SEO for WordPress installation wizard will open a page as your picture above. Here Yoast is asking, your site has been ready for post indexing on Google.

Note- If your site is not ready, then select the option – B – If your site is not ready then there are some tasks left on your site. If you are ready to post indexes in Google’s Properly website then select (option – A).

Wizard 3:-

Then you will see a page like the top image in front of you. You will see Yoast  asking you what type of website you are on. There are many options there. I have a blog. So I am selecte”opction- blog”.

wizard 4:-

Person or Company yoast

Then you will see [Company or person] Yoast is asking you. This website company website or your website.
So I select [person]. Then click Next.

Wizard – 5

Submit your Social Profile in yoast

You can set up all your Facebook profiles, Twitter, Facebook groups. Just Put your Social Url And Click Next

wizard 5

google search engine Ability

Do you want to see all the posts in your blog and all the pages of your blog in the Google search engine?
You click on this and click on Next.

Wizard – 6

Multiple Authors on your blog

next is, Do you write your blog alone for your blog? Your blog posted by someone else. I write my blog. So I Chose “NO”

Wizard 7

Google indexing Authorization

Now you can see the Google indexing part. Just tell you with your Google Search Console. Connect your blog. If you Don’t connect to the Google Search Console. you can post it as long as you post it.You will have the link above that you will open Google Search Console by clicking that link. Just Pest Code and click on the authorization.

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