How to increase domain Authority 2019 | Increase Your Page Authority

How to increase domain Authority 2019 | Increase Your Page Authority

How To Increase Domain Authority

Introduction-Domain Authority

Increase your Domain Authority using some simple stape. Domain Authority is the most important on your website. There are many factors to increase your Domain Authority. Domain Authority is calculating 1-100. You want to increase domain Authority above 84 – 90. You must follow to this all stape. I will tell you 12 Stape to increase your Domain Authority. Once you improve your Domain Authority (DA). When you any post-update your website. Your post always comes on the First rank on Google. So Lat’s Start.

Before you implement this Rules, First you check What your Domain Authority or Page Authority. Then you can apply All Rules. The check Again. This Tip was working 100% Trust me.

What is Domain Authority?


Before we started Domain Authority Implement, You need to know Factors of DA. Domain Authority Full From (DA). Domain Authority is Matric of Vellu on your Website. Velu Mens – Is Your Domain Is Must have a Keyword Friendly. How many domains trust your website. How many.GOV or.ORG,orEDU, Mens Government website Trust to your area. How many User see your Post For a Long Time. What is your Content Writing Quality?

There all things are matter to your improving your Domain Authority.

Which Rules matter to your improving your Domain Authority


Rules of Increase Domain Authority
  • Keyword in Domain Name:- Keyword Friendly domain is the most import. Because of Keyword in Domain Name is a help to your Domain for the google search result. When you chose any domain name Always find keyword domain.
  • Link to other Domain to Your Root Domain:- Link to your domain means (backlink). A backlink is the most other important if you get a high-quality backlink. Then your DA IS high. Because when you get high-quality backlink google trust your website and increase your Domain Authority.
  • Government website linking:– When your domain link to the government website. Ex-.GOV or.EDU or.ORG. Then you get high domain authority.
  • Content Quality:- Friends I have personal Experience. Content is the hero if you have good content quality — definitely your blog ranking on Google. When you write content always follow SEO rules and always use keyword images photo. Please Don’t copy full content to another website if you copy content.
  • Social Media Traffic:- Social media is the main power in your blog. It is your new domain always share every post to your social media. Because social media still generate your blog good traffic.

How to check My Domain Authority (DA)

Check your Domain Authority. You can go to or Small SEO tools. You can check your domain authority this two website, and you can found all the details your domain DA Your page authority linking domain all particulars you can establish from

Lates Start How to increase your Domain Authority

1. Choos Best Domain Name with Keyword 


Always think you chose your best domain name with the keyword. Keyword domain is ranking to your area and many people coming to your website; these people cannot forget your domain name. When you are searching new domain name chose your domain name always short. Because short name always reminds.

We took an example of selecting a domain name. “Small”- This is one keyword “SEO” this is one keyword, “Tools” – This is another keyword. the total keyword is – this is the domain, T- True, Talks, S- Sachai (this is Hindi word), Then create a domain name

Always chose a keyword with the domain.

2. Optimize your blog on page SEO


On Page SEO is most crucial Ranking on Google. Now some People think about how to optimize my blog on page SEO. Don’t worry, follow this simple stape.

  • Post Titel With Keyword:– Always give the post title with the keyword. If your new blog always uses log type keyword use in your title.
  • Reading Fronts;– using the write Front for better writing. Don’t use the wrong type of front.
  • Keyword use with permalink:- Always use a keyword on your permalink if possible.
  • Meta description:- Always put your sub description or meta description in your post.

3. Link Another post using in your content 


When you write any content, your linking is must to another post. When you put any title or any other h1 title, always give the link because when linking any claim. The user also thinks this is your central focus position. You understand people. This link helps you a lot.

4. Internal link in your content


Always link your internal link in your content because internal Link is your positive to promote your content. Now the question is how to use the internal link in your content.

Some people doing this. just put URL another post or another website. This wrong type of friends. When you link any Post or any other site. Always use the keyword or read more option

example – Read more – How to use Yoast SEO

This called keyword with the internal link doesn’t copy URL and pest in your blog.

5. Mobile Friendly Website

Mobile Friendly Website is another most important. Now your question is why need a mobile?. Because 2010 to 2018 70% user use in a laptop. But now 2019 All User have a Good Condition Mobile. Any user need not some topic about search on the internet. He searches on mobile. 90%user search on mobile. That’s why need your website/ Blog mobile Friendly.

how to make my website mobile Friendly

If you are WordPress use so don’t worry. Find thems which are have mobile-friendly Features. You can buy this theme. If you have an HTML website. Tell you’re the developer to convert your mobile site friendly.

6.Blog Loading Speed increase

Friends Loading speed. If you want to good Traffic to your blog. You need to Frist Consented your blog loading speed. If you don’t have loading speed. You cannot get good traffic.
How to increase your loading Speed
WordPress store is available many types of the plugin. But I am saying you don’t use all plugin. If you use the vast type plugin. Your storage is full. Then your site open is slow. Don’t need to buy a premium plugin. Just Four things Through clear your blog. You can get better loading speed.
1. Remove your large type of ads.
2. Clear you java and CSS bugs.
3. Optimize your maximum image use 10kb to 15kb every image either use Free CDN jetpack plugin.
4. Use Cloud name server.

7. Working a niche keyword.

 Always work niche keyword. Niche Keyword means Niche topic and niche keyword and low competition. Niche keyword improves to your site on Google first page ranking. Find a niche keyword. Always search your competitor to the same DA and find which type of keyword are searching on google. And work this keyword. You can get a better result.
Keyword tools. Uber Suggest and Google Keyword Planner. Those two websites are best.

8. Share content or post on Social Media.

When you write any post or any topic. Share your post or your content every social media or connect your website yahoo or bing website to getting better traffic.

9. Remove your extra page on your blog. 

Which page is not publishing or which page not using in your website. Remove your extra sheets from your blog. or clear your caches file using wp rocket or any other plugin

 10 Remove your highly loading ads.

When increasing your page speed then increase your traffic. Then increase your Domain Authority so if you use a massive amount of ads on your website. Please remove and using link ads; this is better for your blog.

11. Remove your Bugs plugin.

If you use the many types of the plugin on your WordPress blog, I highly recommend to you use some plugin this is important for your blog.

If you follow All Thing rules, you can get a one month of highly DA OR PA. Follow this all. My experience I will share with you.

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