How To Edit Blogger Template

How To Edit Blogger Template

How To Upload and Edit Blogger Template

how to upload Blogger Best Template and how to edit the template in blogger. you must be known. if you don’t know you can’t blog.

Hello friends, today I will tell you how to edit your blog template It is not so easy to do that, I will try to show you the full and try to explain how you can edit your new template.

Friends, first you need to take a good look at a template that takes a professional blog, then you will find these templates where you can find different websites where free templates and paid templates are available. If you do not know, I can tell you the name of a website from where I’m using the template myself I go over there and from there you can download, and you can edit the name of the website of the
Now after downloading your template, you extract that one by saving it in a folder on your computer. Then you will go to your blog or in the template options and you will see that there is a place called 9 theme themes in the templates, click here. After that, you will see an option called Backup or Restore, First of all, upload your template.xml file and upload it after uploading and then upload it.
how to upload themes and backup and Restore
Upload Template

After uploading your template, there are several main tips to follow, which are very important like, first you have to fix gadget and then edit your menubar and edit the context post, edit the posterior post, and edit your blog by power by blogger And the logo that you have on your blog will be put in the logo.

Now you have to edit the gadget section and you have to edit it. There are options that you will need to edit here. The number of options that you will have to gadget will be sorted in the way that the website brings to Luke in designing so nice person who is interactive, firstly, on the right side, You have to come up with a pop page and subscribe page. In the bar you will have to add pages and registrations pages and your add, disclaimer, privacy policy, and after adding them, your page will be complete. Now you can say that you can post it on Minbar which is how you will post it.
Add Gadget
Friends this is a full detail if you have any doubt you can comment us i will clear your doubt.

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