How much earn From Blog?


How much earn From Blog?


What do you thinking of friends? You need to money. I know, you need to money that’s why you searching in Google How to earn money, How much earn money etc etc. yes you are right online men’s using the internet and write your blog through you can earn lots of money. And a very easy way if you want to earn money from a blog in your writing skills. But you before you write a blog. You need to know some basic rules and steps. If you don’t know some of the basic rules. You can’t succeed in your blog. So today I will tell you some basic rules and How can earn money using a blog so friends let’s start.


What is the blog?

How to start a blog?

why the need to start a blog?

How much earn money from the blog though?

What are the rules if I writing a blog.

How long will I get money from the blog after starting the blog?

Etcetera. etc.

When Anyone listens about blog writing Frist thinks this type of question. Today I Will Tell you all the question answer about Blogging. Last start.

What is a blog

A blog is the best platform for sharing your own writing skills through you can share your thoughts. And help people. And create your fans.

How to start a blog?

I told you before. how to start a blog.every stape and with every photo. today we talk about our all queries and all question for blogger. If you think to start your own blog this better idea. Blog starting requirement is not big. You have to must one Gmail id for blogger. If you start your own blog either you have to buy WordPress hosting to creating a new blog.
    • first, you need to create Gmail id. Then login then log in with Google + account then you chose the option to create blogger click to create. Then enter your blog name (note- you can change any time your blogger URL ) then you give to your blogger name (ex:- you give your blogger name Sanjay. Your blogger URL is Sanjay.blogspot.con) then click to create button. Now you have to successfully create your blog.
    • Now you have to change some setting for blog
    • meta description. Blog title search engine etc.
    • if you don’t know how to change you can learn from my YouTube video.

      WordPress Blog


WordPress blog you have to first buy a new domain name. Then buy a new hosting website. Then you will create a blog.

Hosting website

The Internet market all available. Godaddy, hosting, Namecheap etc. All available in the market you can buy anyone. If you think I want to suggest to you. you can comment us I will help you.

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