10 Email Marketing Script In PHP – Best Email Marketing Script

10 Email Marketing Script In PHP – Best Email Marketing Script

Best Email Marketing Script 2019 – Latest

Email Marketing is the best method to get traffic on your website or blog. Every Blogger using this Method because some blogger is doing E-Commerce Website or Affiliated marketing For Grow up website Traffic. Most of the Blogger Using Paid Service. Most of the Company Providing Paid Features and Good Service.

If You Thinking For Create A Business For Providing Email Marketing Service. This Is The Best Way to Get a lot of traffic on your site.

What is Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the Very Cheap and Good Way to Get Perfect Audience on your website. Email Marketing Through You Can Target your Customer Which Product you Selling On your Site. Before 10 Years Back Most of the People Using frequently Mobile Phone. But This time Every Body Using SmartPhone. Smart Phone Is not working without Gmail. Everybody using mail id. This is the Good Option Connecting to Direct customer to Attract our website or Product.

How do work Email Marketing

How do work Email Marketing

Email Campaign Work through your Email Campings Providing Company. Example – You have E-Comers Website, or You are Providing Any Service or Traveling site. How To Tell Us Your Customer you are providing this all service.

You Can Tell customer Only Three type -1) Advertisement:- You Can Advertise on Google or Youtube or Any Third Party Website. But This is a considerable amount. You have to pay for your advertiser. 2) SMS or facebook:– is the best way, but you can’t get a good result.3) Email Campaigns:- Email Campaign is an Excellent way to Attract your customer. You Can Get Lots Of Template For Degine For “What are you’re saying to Customer” And Background Link through your Can Track your Email How Many Customer Seeing Your Massage. You can Get Many features.

Late’s, Start About Email Marketing


1) MailWizz Email Marketing

MailWizz – Email Marketing Script is the best Script in 2019. Mail Marketing Script Mailwizz Sales Eight Thousand Eight Hundred Up and Rating Also FIVE NINETY-SIX. Mail Wizz Providing Best of Features on There Script. PHP Version 5.0 to 7.0 and MY SQL Database 5X. Installation Features is Very Easy. MailWizz Providing Best of Features on their script.

How To Purchase MailWizz Email Marketing Script

You Can Purchase this Script from Envato Coad Canion Either go to MailWizz website. You can Get same Script With Activation Code. If you have Envato Subscription, then you can direct buy from EnvatoMarket.

MailWizz Admin Panel

How To Install Email Marketing Script

Installation is very easy, First of All, Go to Envato or CoadCanion Market Place then Download this Script then next go to your hosting Website open C-Panel then open FileManager Click to Chose Public.html Folder Open then Upload your PHP Script then Extract your PHP Script then you can get two folders 1. Install Folder 2. Update Folder now clicks to install folder then click to install.php Either open New Tab type your domain name then /install/install.php.

Look Like Http://www.ttalkss.com/install/install.php

Installation Process

MailWizz Installation Process

Now Your PHP EMAIL Campaign Script ready to install and Configuration. Provide your All Details and put your license then install.

You can install your PHP script this video help you to install this script.

Features of Email Marketing

You can Get Excellent Features on this Script. First of All, Before You purchase this Script. First, you must see the demo on this script, then you Buy. 

  1.  Server Requirements:- If you are using Shared hosting That’s Good. But If you Using VPS, VPS Server can handle unlimited traffic, Etc.
  2. MailWizz Latest Version 1.8.1 
  3. You can Get Excellent Degine Admin Control Panel and Customer Control Panel.
  4. You Can Easily Create Data and Easy to use Templates and Very First Sending and Get All Details Report about any customer.
  5. This Simple Email Campaign Script you can use for Personal Or Provide Business Purpose.
  6. You can Easily Integrate Your SMTP Server Like (Amazon SES, Send Grid, Mail Gun, Mail Jet) Etc. 
  7. Simple Email Script Very Responsive Perfected Supported All Device Computer or Tablet and Android Mobile.
  8. You can customise code manually. 
  9.  Smart Import Export.
  10. Unlimited SMTP Server.
  11. IP Location.
  12.  Multi-Language. 
  13. Beautiful and Simple Degine Email Template.
Note:- Before you Buying this PHP script First You Must have to check Important Notice on this page.

2)Acelle-Mail Marketing Acell Mail 3.0


Acelle-Mail For Second Best EMAIL Campaign Best Php Language . Acelle Email Marketing Web Application sell this product Two Thousand Three Hundred  People Buying this product. Rating Two Seventy-Six. AcelleMail PHP Script available only Evbvato market place or CodeCanyon or AcelleMail Official Website. This Script design Very Good and Very Responsive. You can use your shared hosting server or VPS Server.

Software Configuration PHP Version 5.6 – 7.0 and My SQL 5X. You can use this script Personal or Business Purpose.

Acelle Mail buy and Installing Process

First of all, You can Buy This Script from CodCanyon Or Acelle Site. Installation process Is very Easy, Go to Coad Canion Site or Acelle Site then download this PHP Script then open ZIP Folder. Copy License Cose From zipping file or Purchasing Website.

Upload File open C-Panel or FileZilla Through You can upload Acelle Mail PHP Script. Open C-Panel then Click to File Manage Then Click Public. Html. Now Upload your Acelle Mail Zipping File. Then Extract this File then Now Click to Domain Name on URL Now Installation Process IS Start. Now put your license details or database details then click install.

Acelle Mail Features 

  1. This Acelle Mail Marketing PHP Script only 59 $
  2. You can Get a Full Delivery Report and you can Get Fully Administrator Access.
  3. Export or Import Excel or CSV File Format.
  4. Custom Configuration Page and Auto Responder.
  5. You can Get Dally Startygi Report. 
  6. Easy Integration SMTP OR 3Rd Service (AMAZON SESS, Send Guard, Mail Guru, SMTP).
  7. You can Manage Service And Add Many types OF Customer Plane and Subscription 
  8. Payment Integration and Papel or Credit Card or Devit Card 
  9. Advance Quota and Management. 
  10. Very Easy Fully API.
  11. Various type of Beautifull Template with Template Builder.
  12. You can get other types of Features Multi-Language, Responsive Etc. 

Acelle Mail Demo – Demo

3) First Email Sender

Fast Email Sender Is the Best Script For Email Marketing. Newsletter first email Sender – This Script You can use for Multi-Purpose For sending mail organization. Newsletter Fast email Sender PHP script selling Five Fifty-Three and Rating Eighty-Nine. This PHP Cost only $60. You can buy this Script from CodCanyon or Fast email Sender Official Website. You can host this script on your sherd hosting website or VPS. VPS Is good. You can Get Lots of Feathers from this Script.

Purchase and Server Requirement

You can purchase from CodeCanyon. Because CoadCanion is the Best Platform for Selling Premium theme and WordPress Plugin, JavaScript, Html, CSS, Etc. And You Get Support from Coadcanyon 27X7.

Server Requirement:- PHP Script is best working for VPS but if you do not Afford Mony for VPS you can use also working on Shared Hosting. PHP Version 5.0 to 7.0 or My SQL Server 5.1 and when any update any file PHP Developer your script automatically updated.

Installation Process 

First, of All go to your CoadCanyon Account and Download PHP Script –and also copy License Then Open your Hosting Provider C-Panel Account Login==Then Click to File Manager open public.html==Then Click to Upload then upload Fast email sender PHP script then extract your File. Then open your Domain Click to Install.

Newsletter First Email Sender Features

You can Get A Lot Of Features.

  1. Very easy and First Installation.
  2. You can easily import Subscriber text File and Customer Database
  3. Standard Function sending Mail 
  4. You can send mail via SMTP Authentication
  5. Beautiful Template ready 
  6. Multiple Language Support 
  7. Ip Location 
  8. Unlimited Member Attachment 
  9. Unlimited Mailing List 
  10. Access administrator Full Permission
  11. Visual Editor Template with Tinymce

DEMO – Fast Email Sender Demo

User Name – Admin, Password – 123

4) Email Flow – Simply Email Marketing Tools 


Email Flow Is the Simply Email Marketing Tools. You can create unlimited Email List And Send Unlimited Email. You Can Send Email using Groups Single and Multiple Groups. Email Flow Marketing Tools Through You can Create News or Product or Service For attractive to Audience on your site. You can Create Unlimited Number Of Email Recipient Personal or professional Email. You can Create Unlimited Number of Bulk Email and Promote your service with Very simple Way.

Installation Process or Server Rqurtment

The installation process is very easy to setup. First, of All you need to log in on your Codcanyon Account then Purchase this product. Now You can download your PHP  Script. Then go to hosting account log in C-Panel then open file-Manager. Then Click to Public.html then upload PHP Script then extract. now Open Domin name with URL then you can see your license option-click to copy license to you CodCanyon account and pest. now you can instal this script on your website.

Server Requirements:- First of all Server requirement is the most important for any PHP file installation. Most of the people using for Email Marketing Business Using VPS Hosting. Because VPS hosting is very first loaded time very low. If you do not afford Money for Buy a VPS. You can use shared hosting.

Features of Email Flow –

  1. Very Simple To Setup.
  2. Easily to Configured to your database.
  3. Responsive Mobile or Tablet.
  4. Support SMTP You can use Gmail id with E-Mail with own Domain  Email.
  5. You can Access Dashboard with Calender. You can see How Many Email And Which Date.
  6. Beautifull Admin panel
  7. You can create Email Template.
  8. Grop User
  9. Access Email in office 2997, 2013
  10. Easily Manage.

You can access how Email Flow Work Using Demo.

Demo Email Follow – Demo Link

ID – [email protected]

Password – 123

5) EHLO Mailing – Email Marketing

Ehlo Mailing is the Best Email Service PHP Script. One Of the Best Script for email Marketing. Best Design and Best Performance. This Script is language by PHP. You can Get Also All OF the Features. This PHP Script also used by SASS platform Creation and Sending Email Campaign. You can Easily Installation and Documentation. Ehlo Mailing Campaign Provide All Of the Features and Providing Free Updates and Enable Developer Option. You can Access administrator with Full Permission.

Installation And Server Requirement

When you buy this PHP Script you can easily install this PHP Script. First Of All, go to Coadcanyon website and log in your account you can buy your debit card or credit card or PayPal account through. now you download your PHP script file and open hosting account and upload file manager include public.HTML Folder. Extract zip File and Remove zip file.

Now Open New TAB Then enter your domain name. Now you can see your PHP Ehlo mailing is ready to installation. enter your license which of copy from Codcanyon website. Then install

Note – I am Requested to you When you install this File First Read Every Option then Fill your all details.  if you do not give properly Details. your installation is the error.

Server Requirements:- Ehlo Mailing Details PHP Script JavaScript, HTML, JS, SQL,PHP,CSS Etc. Software Version PHP – 7.X and SQL 5.x. Including Bulk Email Campaign, Campaign Email Marketing, Email Template, Email Mailing, News Letter Send Mail etc.

You can install Email Mailing Script on the shared hosting server. VPS hosting is better for PHP script installation.

Features of Email Mailing 

  1. Fully Responsive script Supported All Device.
  2. You can get unique Features and Morden Effect.
  3. Free Lifetime Update and Help and Support.
  4. Command Panel Abhiable on Browser.

You can Get Lot of Features

6) Leth PHP News Letter and Mailing System.

Leth PHP News Letter and Maling Script is the better Script. You can see this Script design is most and Perfected design. This PHP Script is So Useful and Easily Congiruied. Leth PHP Script you can use for your business Purpose ad you can use Personal Purpose. This Script selling One Thousand and Four Hundred. One Hundred Twenty-two Positive Rating For Design and User-Friendly. You can Get All Of the Features and All Option are Abhiable on this PHP Script. You can Get Drag And Drop Features and Unlimited Form Control and Security Purpose Of  Google Recapture. This PHP Script Comfortable with Bootstratp3. You can get API SYSTEM With Five Function. Before You installing this script. You can use Demo for this Script. 

Installing And Server Requirement

you can install this script on your VPS SERVER Either if you using shared hosting You can install this script on your server.

PHP version 5.0 to 7.0 and My SQL 5.0.

Installation is very easy login Cod Canyon Account== Download This Script with Copy your license Code from CodCanyon == Open your Hosting Website then Go to File Manager then Upload This Script and Extract from zip file. Now You Script is Ready to Installation. Open your Domain Name on your Browser Click to Install. Put Your License Code Then Install.

Features Of Leth PHP Script

You Can Get Lot Of Features on This Script.

  1. SMTP, SendGrid, PHP Mail Amazon Ses AND Mandrill App Supported.
  2. Fully Responsive
  3. You can Customize Form and API Connection.
  4. Subscriber Verification (Single and Double )
  5. Multi-User Management and Page Permission Supported.
  6. Short Code Management
  7. Subscriber and Unscriber and Blacklist Tools.
  8. You can Get Advanced Import Export And Free User Ready Template.
  9. Unlimited Element Control
  10. Drag-Drop Features
  11. Google Recapture and API System.
  12. Various File type support
  13. Bulk Email Send


This is our All Collection For PHP Script. If you want you can buy Which one You Think Better. If you Like My Article Give me one of The Best Commends and Join Our Facebook Group.

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