Best Free Simple Way to Create WordPress Password Protect Page 2020

Best Free Simple Way to Create WordPress Password Protect Page 2020

Very Simple Way to create WordPress Protect Page 2019-2020

Most of the blogger thinking we cannot share my privet content for some people without the WordPress Password Protect plugin. Friends your are wrong you can share your using any page or post without password Protect WordPress Plugin. 

Today I am telling you how to create WordPress Password Protect Page. Very Siple Method Just Follow This All Step

What is Password Protect Page

This Features Including on WordPress CMS. Password protected is a simple function through working some cording.

Password Protect Type

Tow Type of Protect available

  1. Contact
  2.  post or pages

Content: -If you want to Protect your page or post don’t need to any plugin. But If you’re going to protect your Some Specific content. You need to some Passster Plugin. This Plugin Also Help you to hide your content with a password. Anyone Can’t Hack Your Content. if You Use This Plugin.

Post or Pages:– You Don’t Need Any Other Plugin. Just Follow the Simple Step.

How To Create WordPress password protect page Or How to work

Step 1

First Of All Open Your WordPress Website and Login Your Dashboard. 

  • Open Your Dashboard And Click to Page Section.
  • WordPress-Page
  • Then click to Add New Page. Page Name Ex:- My Content.
  • Then Type Your Content or Post Etc. Before Publish Your Content. You can See Right Side.
  • Right-Side-Bar-Password-protect
  • You Can See Visibility Option Visibility  Then Public 
  • Now You Need To Change Public to Password Protect.
  • Click To Public Option you Can See Three Option 1) Public 2)Privet 3)Password Protect
  • Password-Protect-Option


  • Click to Password Protect Options.
  •  Now you need to Enter The Password. After Choosing Third Options, You Can See One Box open.
  • Password-Protected-Page-Set-Your-Password


  • Use Secure Password (Enter Your Password Here)
  • After Put Your Password Then Click to Publish.
  • Now Your Content Fully Set your password Protect.

Open Your Page another New Tab then Your can see your page is Fully Password Protect. Just enter Your Password and Now You Can See. Your Content Is Open

Active Password Protect Page
                                                                                               Active Password Protect Page


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Options 2 

Password Protect WordPress specific content

Now We Already Complete Password Protect our pages. Now we want to see How to Set Password Protect some Specific content.

This Cas we are using One Plugin.  Plugin Name is – Passster – Password Protection.

You can set your password any page or any post on your WordPress Website. So Friends Lat’s Look How it’s Word. WordPress Password Plugin Look Like WordPress Plugin Login. 

Please Follow all step for Installation and configuration WordPress Password Protect Plugin 

Step 1

  • Open the WordPress Dashboard and Go to Plugin Section.
  • Click Add new Plugin and Search Plugin (Passster – Password Protection).
  • Passter-WordPress-Protect-Plugin-Free


  • Install The Plugin for Password Protect Your Webpage
  • After Install the Plugin Open This Plugin.
  • This Plugin Provide only Protect your content with a password. Before this Plugin Provide Paid Capture Option. But Right Now, Capture option is Free.
  • Go to Setting Option and Clik Passster Plugin and then go to Adon enable capture.

Step 2

Configure Passster Plugin for WordPress password Protect

  1. Open Setting
  2. Click to Passter Protect Plugin
  3. Now You Can See Configuration Page
  4. Passter-Protect-Configuration
  5. You Password Section [You can put your Password ] Either You can [Generate Password].
  6. Then click Save.
  7. Now Copy This Code. 

Step 3 

Now How to Protect Content.

  • Go to Post Page.
  • Add a New Post then write your content.
  •  After Write Your Content.
  • Which Content Particularly Content you want to Password Protect.
  • Just Pest this code.


  • [passster password=”your password”]Your content here[/passster] – This Is shortcode.
  • [passster password=”Your password”]Your Full Content Put here [/passster]
  • How-to-put-Password-On-my-content
  • Look Like Upper Image.
  • Then Click To Save and Update.

Step 3

Now You Content Fully Password Protect. Look Like This.



Most of the People Thinking  “How to Password Protect website ” and Password Protect Webpage Or How to Lock word. This all thing working if you are using this plugin WordPress Password Protect.

Any One Cannot Hack This Page on Protect Password on WordPress Area.

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