Create Adsense Account without website 3 Simple Tricks 2019

Create Adsense Account without website 3 Simple Tricks 2019

Create Adsense Account Without Website

Money !! The First thing comes in our mind, whenever we need something. We work our all life just for this but now we have more options as compared to 10 years before. We Simply can earn by making a website and giving value to users.And when we start getting traffic we can sign up for Google Adsense to earn a handsome income. But creating a website may be a little tough if you are a beginner, So we are discussing below how to Create Adsense Account Without Website

Google Adsense is the most important for any blogger or website. From 2019 All Blogger use Google Adsense for monetising their website. But Now 2019 Many ads Network Abhiable in our market or 50% Blogger who is the successful their Blog. They Are Not Using right now Google Adsense.

Because of Google Adsense ads code that is used by javascript. That ads code slows down our website. That’s why successful bloggers mostly use different types of sponsorship without using AdSense.

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Sponsorship Program
  3. Own Advertisement
  4. SEO Business
  5. Product Advertising

Newly Blogger using Adsense because any sponsored not providing Sponsorship to a new blogger.  2019 Google Adsense Policy is very Upgrade. We get to difficult for approval Google Adsense. We provide you with some awesome trick for getting an AdSense approval.

Trick No. 1

1) Blogspot Or Blogger

Most of the newly Blogger Thinking we can’t get Google Adsense approval using Blogspot. But I tell you to google Adsense approve Blogspot. Google Adsense for Google own platform Blogspot. Blogspot you can get all of the options. If you want to know what about blogging is very easy, but you need to main think post original your content and your article and images. Don’t use other copyright content.

Blogspot is a straightforward and effective platform. How to use Blogspot is very simple to creation and theme installation. How to edit blogger template we will discuss all blog spot.

How To Get Adsense Approval On Blogger

  • Step 1:- First step is using SEO Friendly name is the most important for you ranking a blog. Remember one thing Google is Not crawling text. Google is always crawling Link and HTML text. First, you need to create SEO Friendly Blogger Name.
  • Step 2:– Blogger theme is the most important. Most of the new blogger using the news template. Friends news theme is not free. You need to buy News theme then you can use if you use the Free blogger template. Under template lots of ads code and hidden code, this is not effective for google Adsense.
    • That’s why you need to own template for either you need to buy blogger template. Either you need to paid Blogger Template. I will provide you with 10 Free and Responsive and Free SEO Friendly Blogger Template. All Template Pro Version.
  • Step 3:– Create 4 Normal Pages
  • 1) About 2) Privacy  Policy 3) Disclaimer 4) Contact Us  This all pages are significant. Without this all pages, you cannot get Google Adsense Approval on your Blogspot site.
  •  Stape 4:- Customize your Blogspot Site And Publish Your Article

How to create Blogspot Account

  1. Create Gmail id
  2. Go to
  3. Create a new Blog
  4. Enter your blog Name example (
  5. if you have a custom domain either you can get Blogspot site
  6. Using the paid theme or Blogspot theme.

2) Youtube Account Get Adsense Approval

Youtube Through Get Adsense Approvel

YouTube is the most popular Platform for Earning Money From Adsense. Youtube through Millions of People Earning Money And Get Approval on Adsense.

If you want to create a video and Post on youtube this a best option. But you need to Follow some Youtube Copyright Guide Lines and Community Guide Line.

  1. Stape 1:- Do Not Post Copyright Content or Video on youtube if you publish your copyright video on youtube your AdSense monetization has been disabled or Suspended your youtube channel.
  2. Stape2:- Create your own content like Product or technology or marketing etc.
  3. Stape 3:-  Don’t Tell Laire on your Video.
  4. Complete New Rules for AdSense – 4000 watch time and 1k Subscriber

Ho to create youtube Chanel

  1. open You Gmail id
  2. Login youtube .com
  3. Right Side corner Create Chanel
  4. Enter Your Channel Name
  5. Click to Create

Youtube New Features and Youtube Beta Studio

3)Create an Android Application

adsense with android 

Android App is the Best Platform to make Money or Get Adsense Approval. If you know Android Making App. that’s Very Good either if You don’t know. you can use a 3rd party app creating a website.   Like Thunkabel this website is the very best to create android apps. because you don’t need any cording or just create app and drag and drop option.

  1. Stape 1:-  Adsense Policy changed for Admob Now this time you need to post content on your application either you can not get approved on your application.
  2. you need to change Thirtpary application change cording put your ads code.
  3. using Thunkable app graser website

How to get approval using android application

  1. Use Own App
  2. use 3hird party application (, Appgrazar Etc.)
  3. Don’t need to publish just create build application and share.


This is our all tricks about how to  Create Adsense Account Without Website if you need to any help just contact us page or follow our Facebook page and join our Facebook page.

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