Blog Setting

Blog Setting Or Blogger Setting 

Blog Setting 

Blog Setting is The Most impotent things for Blogger. if you know Blog Setting or Blogger Setting. Then You have to 100% Chance’s Success for Blogger.

Hello friends, today I will tell you everything about Blogger’s full fitting setting

  1. Friends you are showing This IS Called MENUBAR First you Have to must know what is menu Bar Which of the Most impotent For Work in Menu Bar. In Blog Setting
Blog Menu
  1. You Can See the First Number is Your Website or Blog Tile this is to see your main Home page For Big Front.
  2. Then you can See Post Option and hear is 2 Option All (How many you can post in your blog) Second Thing is Draft (Draft means exam-you can write one post and have not completed writing this post you can just save . then this post going to draft).
  3. Then You Can See Published (Published Means how many posts you share on the internet this is called Published )
Blog Stats


  1. Now You Can See Stats Means How Many Country People Visit your Blog. You can see this Image Gruff image.
  2. Overview means Gruff  How Many People Visit your Block Per Day. and this is a live view.
  3. Post Basically All Post is Which Blog is the Best for Audience. Which post like All People View This Post.
  4. Traffic Source  Means which Domain and Which Website giving the traffic to your site. The main thing is which site Link to your Site.
  5. The audience is Which Country is people visited your Blog or Website. you can see this Full List which country People visit your site.
Which Country people access the blog


  1. Now You Can See Comments Section. Comments Section is a Comments. If Any User comments again and again then you can Declare the comments are spam. then he cannot Comment in your Any post.


Adsense sign up page
Now You can See Earning Section. Earning Section is most important things for blogger and any website.
Earning section is you can earn money from blogger and you can sign up for Adsense for monetizing your blogger then you can earn money. if you do not sign up your Adsense account you cannot earn money from blogger.


Next is Pages Section Pages Section have a two Option
  1. All (How Many Create your page)
  2. Published (The Number of Pages you Publish in your Blogger)
Pages page you can Create a Page Example – About Us, Contact Us, Declaimer, Privacy Policy. Etc. you can create a page the numbers of pages you need.
Publish:- Publish is the number of pages you published in your Blogger.


Layout section is that whenever you install a theme blogger, it needs to change something that you only have layout section change.


Them you can upload them and backup and restore and if you want to edit them in blogger this option work for changing any code in HTML.

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