[Best Updated] 8+ Ads Network Available Google Adsense Alternatives

[Best Updated] 8+ Ads Network Available Google Adsense Alternatives

Friends, Are you looking for the best Adsense Network for your blog? I am showing you the Best Adsense Alternative 8 network. This Ads Network through you can earn money on your WordPress Website

Most of the people searching on google Adsense alternatives. But if your Adsense account is band either any reason you want to find Best Adsense alternatives. You can choose Affiliated Marketing for your WordPress website to make real money.

If you are finding the best ads network without Adsense, today in this time Market available many ads networks. But you need to choose the right platform for ads code.

I will provide your All Ads Network.  Go there website and look review Youtube or another platform. Then you can apply for Adsense.

My Opinion is Friends don’t apply any ads network. Use the affiliate marketing strategy. Create an amazon Affiliated account and chose one niche product and wrote better article or content.

Adsense Alternatives Platform 

  1. Use Another Ads Network.
  2. Join Affiliated Program.

If you are serious about blogging, right Now 2019, Google has to change many things on their platform. That’s why you can not easy to rank on the first page on google.

If you do not optimise your blog or article, you can’t make money if you are using Google Adsense. Adsense ads code is cumbersome and slow loading on your website. If your blog slows loading, you cannot rank.

Amazon Related product shares your link and writes SEO friendly article. You can earn lots of money.

List of Ads Network

  1. Media.net
  2. Taboola Ads
  3. Adsterra
  4. Propeller Ads
  5. Bidvertiser
  6. Revenue Hits
  7. Amazon Associated (Affiliated Program)
  8. ShareASale (Affiliated Program)
  9. meridian.sovrn.com
  10. Viglink
  11. Adbuff
  12. Popads

Note – Some Blogger Recommended to you. Use Multiple Ads Network. Friends don’t use multiple ads Network. If you are want to real Blogger. Don’t use various ads network.

If you used multiple ads network, Google gives you Domain Penalty on your site. Cause you are doing violation on Google.

 1) Media.net



Media.net is the best and Second Website For After Google Adsense. You can use this Network. You can get all type of ads from media.net, and most of the company like MSN, WebMD, FORBES all other company attach on the median.net.

Become you want to be a publisher. You need to follow some rules or criteria if you’re going to use media.net Adsense approval.

Rules Media.net 

  • Website Violation (You have to maximum used two ads network on your website)
  • Illegal Content  or copy content
  • UK Or USA Traffic.
  • Sign in need your phone number or website.
  • Minimum 30 posts.

Follow those Main Rules Become you want to be a publisher.

Profit if you are using Media.net 

  1. Impression Count
  2. Support Direct from media.net
  3. All type of ads open
  4. All ads manage from media.net
  5. Minimum Payment 100$ 
  6. All Bank Accepted.

If you want to follow all those rules or process, Media.Net through you can get a lot of earning. So What do you think about best media.net? Please comments us.

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2)Taboola Ads 

Tabola Ads Network

Taboola Ads is the most and Popular Ads Network. Most of the news website using this ads network. If you are using a news website, then you can use this ads network. Taboola ads are simple, and Good Payout Rate provides you.

You can use Multiple ads Network with tabola. Taboola is Providing with the best ads with your website design and layout. You can set ads using simple process using with Taboola ads.

You can easily apply and simple process through tabola ads.

 Rules Tabola Ads Network

  • If you are providing News website, Then you can use. Either leave it. Cause you need to Fifty lakhs Per Month Visitor on your site,
  • 50 Lakh visitor.
  • The website should be SEO Friendly, and writing skills are excellent.

Profit this ads Website.

  1. You can Easily earn Monthly One Lakh.
  2. Used Multiple Ads Network.
  3. No ads Violation.
  4. Simple to sign up.
  5. Ads matching with your content.

If you are using tabola ads Either if you are thinking about applying for tabola ads. What do you think about Tabola ads Late me Know Comments Bellow? I’m happy to see your comments and reply to your comments.

3) Adsterra Advertising Network

Adsterra Monetize Your Website

Are you want to ads on your Blogspot Website. Yes, you can input ads on your blogspot.com website. Adsterra is the best ads website. Adsterra gives you very simple and various type of ads Foremet on your website.

Better option You can approve our Blogspot website. Anyone like media.net or Google Adsense Cannot Provide your Blogspot website. But Adsterra Provide if your content is original.

Adsterra provides all type of ads format. And Elementary ad unit with your website layout.

Adsterra Publisher Rules 

  • You need to Blog Spot Website or any other website.
  • Follow Adsterra Guide Line
  • No Illegal content
  • You Need Every Website Approval.

Profit Adsterra Ads.

  1. You can apply Your Blogspot Website.
  2. Need Minimum of traffic on your website.
  3. You can use the Multiple Ads Network.
  4. Good Payout Rate.

If you are using this Ads Network Either You are thinking using this ads Network comments us bellow. I am happy to reply to your Comments.

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4) Propeller Ads 

Right Now 2019 Propeller Ads is very propeller. Because This ads Network Giving Approval very quick. One of at a time My ttalkss.com blog using this propeller ad. it’s straightforward and to quick work. Propeller ads Providing All type of ads code on your website.

You can get push notification ads or Popup Ads, Display ads, Article Ads, and Matching Content Ads On your website. Most of the new blogger. Those are using propeller ads before getting or apply for Google Adsense. 

Main things are, are you visiting some Movie website. This website is using Propeller Ads. Propeller ads Giving Approval for ads all website.

Best Adsense Alternative Propeller Ads Rules 

  • Need One Website
  • You can Use the BlogSpot Website.
  • Sign Up and Get Ads Code
  • Right Position Put right ads Code
  • Payout rets is low.
  • No Impression Count

Propeller Ads Profit 

  1. You can use Multi-network Ads.
  2. No Limitation Ads.
  3. All type of Ads Available
  4. You can use Blogspot Network.
  5.  Put ads Code Any website.

Friends If you don’t know about Propeller Ads. You can go to sign up Propeller ads Official Website. Get ads code And Used your Blogspot domain. Then you can use your blog or website.

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5) BidVertiser – Alternative to Adsense 

BidVertiser Best-Google-Adsense Alternatives


Top Adsense Alternatives Bidvertiser Ads Network. Maximum High Ranking Blogger is using on they’re a website or Blog Bidvertiser Ads. Most website  Like Downloading Website, Name Generator, Script website this all site has excellent traffic from google. There are using Bidvertiser Network.

Rules Bidvertiser 

  • Need Website
  • Real Traffic
  • All Normal Rules Must have to follow

Profit Bidvertiser 

  1. High CPC (Cost per click) Keyword
  2. Impression Count
  3. All type of ads
  4. Approve Every Website.

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6) Revenue Hits – Simple Google Adsense Alternative

Revenue Hits Simple Google Adsense Alternative


Next Google Adsense Alternatives is Revenue Hits. Most propeller this website. If You get One-time approval on your website, you can get lots of earning. Revenue Hits also give you Impression count and excellent CPC if you want to know about Revenue Hits and how to work Revenue Hits.

Revenue Hits Also Provide you Display Banner Ads and Beautiful Look.

Profit Of Revenue Hits Ads 

  1. All Type OF Ads
  2. Display Ads And Banner Ads.
  3. Nine Type of Ads
  4. Display ads, Banner Ads, Botton Ads, Footer Ads, Interstitial Ads, Shadow Box, Slider Ads, Top Banner Ads, Dialog Ads.

If You Used This Ads Please Comments how to work Revenue Hits, and its Better For Blogger.

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7) Amazon Associated Adsense with Affiliates.


Amazon Associate AdSense alternative

Affiliated Product is the best option for Adsense Alternatives. Most of the people Right Now 2019 they are using Amazon Affiliated sites Product. It’s a straightforward process to sign up and to earn. If you grow up business and increase your website speed. Join Now Amazon Affiliates.

Follow Simple Sign Up Then Fill All Your Information. Then Shere Your Link Social Media, etc. You can Get Money Click Rate Or Commission.

Profite Adsense Alternative Amazon Affiliates

  • No Need to Approvel.
  • Write some Article Only Which Product you want to sell.
  • You can get Banner ads, Post Ads, Etc.
  • You can Get Shere link you can share your link social Media.
  • No Account Band.
  • Best For Your Adsense Alternatives.

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8) ShareASale Google Adsense Alternative



Alternative Adsense is ShareASale is the Second Affiliated Marketing. You can Also Shere Your Product and Get Commission On $ Currency. Same to same Amazon Affiliate Duplicate ShareASale. Join The Network Today If you don’t Get Any Ammount From Adsense Or Another website.

Think Positive Work, Perfect And Then You Can Get Result Perfect. Amazon Affiliate Earning Give you Our Indian Currency. ShareASale Give you $ Earning.

Profit ShereASell Website

  1. No need to Adsense Like Adsense.
  2. Simple Sign Up and Shere Your Lik.
  3. Get All Type of Ads.
  4. Used Social Media For Shere Your Product.

If you use this Website Please Comments For Help, Other People and Tell Use This Website is Usable For Adsense Alternatives.

8) PoP Ads Adsense Alternatives In India

PoP Ads Adsense Alternatives
PoP Ads Adsense Alternatives

Another Ads is PoP Ads for Adsense Alternatives. Pop Ads Earning is very high. But Most of the blogger are using this Ads Network on their Movie or Music Website. New Blogger Don’t Know How to use Pop AdsIt’s effortless to use. Sign Up and get ads code used on your website.


This is my best Collection. If you like and are you using this website please Comments For Adsense Alternatives. Support Other People.

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