How To Setup E-commerce website With Shopify WordPress Plugin 2019
Shopify shopify tutorial for beginners

How To Setup E-commerce website With Shopify WordPress Plugin 2019

Create an E-commerce Website using WordPress Shopify Plugin or Trick

Most Of the website writing blog and told you using this method or using this plugin etc. But I am telling you Friends only 2 Methods through you can create an E-Commerce website using Shopify. First Of All, You need to know what is Shopify.

What is Shopify?

Most of People Know About Shopify. Shopify is an E-commerce platform like Amazon or Flipcard. Example, any person wants to sell their product online. They can create a shopping website. Shopify also helps you to create a website or product upload, monitoring, report of sale or payment getaway all things provide Shopify.

Now you ask me if we are creating a shopping site. We need hosting or domain CMS(Content Management System) this all things we need.

Friends Shopify providing all of the things they have own CMS server. You can Buy Domain from Shopify.  If you don’t buy to Domain, you can use Shopify subdomain this is Fully Free.

Shopify plugin for WordPress

Some People Thinking Bro I have a WordPress can I use Shopify. And How to use Shopify on My WordPress Website. Yes, You can Use Shopify on your WordPress, and it’s Very Simple to use installation or setup. You can Use Shopify WordPress Plugin. Wp Shopify is the Best Way to Sell Your Product.

How To Install WordPress 2019 | WordPress Official Guide

Shopify Features

  • Shopify WordPress You Can Create Online Store.
  • You Can Sell Unlimited Product On Shopify.
  • Shopify Provide Multiple Plan with Multi-User Access.
  • You Can Sell Your product on social Media Website with Other Country.
  • Shopify WordPress Through you can Create Manual Order online.
  • Shopify Through You can Create Shopify Discount Coupon Code and Gift Card.
  • Free SSL Certificate and You pay to domain Cost for Buy Domain From Shopify.
  • Professional Report.
  • Get Shopping Theme and Site Builder.
  • Most Of important is Shopify Support 24X7.
  • 14 Days Free Trial For Shopify. 

How To Setup and Install Shopify.

If You Want TO Shell your Product Please Follow All Step. I Will Tell You Everything How to use Shopify and How to Configured Shopify CMS. Also, we will discuss the Shopify wp plugin and instal wp Shopify. If you did not understand, you can comments and ask me or clear your doubt.

Shopify Sign Up and Login Process.

Step 1) 

If you want to Access how to work Shopify and how to use Shopify, Shopify gives you 14 days trial period. You can Access All Shopify Product and all option.

  • Now you can see Right Side Corner Start a Free Trial Shopify.
  • Shopify-free-trial
  • Then You Can See One Pop up Shopify sign up page. 
  • .
    Shopify Sign up page.


  • Enter Your Email Id or password or store name.

Now your sign up process is complete. Open your email id and confirm Shopify email. Then Shopify account Created Successfully

Stape 2


Tell Us About Your Self Which type of business you want to start, Fill this form.  If you’re going to see about this System Chose I AM NOT SELLING YET and Second Option Rs,0 I AM JUST GETTING STARTED.

If you are developing for your client, you can use checkmark option either you can skip this option.

Step 3


Now you Fill All The Details Address First name Last name Email Id etc. Then Click Next.

Step 4


Now You Can See Shopify Dashboard. Here all option available. You can upload your product and Management your Customer  Shopify Coupons and Shopify Discount All You can Access and Control.

You can buy a Shopify plane, and you can purchase the domain From Shopify.

Shopify Dashboard Option

  1. Shopify Home Page ( You can Quick Setup on your Page Using Home Button).
  2. Order on Shopify (You Can Manage All Order On Order Option).
  3. Product.
  4. Customer Management. 
  5. Analytic Report live.
  6. Marketing. 
  7. Discount. 
  8. Create a Privet App (Permission to your admin multi-user).
  9. Shopify online Store.
  10. Shopify Setting. 

Step 5

First Of all, you need to install and Setup your webpage. Like theme and blog page, Home page, product page, etc. all you need to install and configure before you installing wp Shopify plugin.


You can Get All Option available on Shopify Online Store 

  • Shopify Theme (You can Get free theme or paid theme form theme option).
  • Blog Post (You can Create Separated Blog Post On your website).
  • Pages (You Can Create Contact Us Page, About Your Store Page, Disclaimer Page).
  • Navigation Menu ( Create Design Menu bar on your site)
  • Domain (Manage Domain Add Sub Domain Etc).
  • Preference (Home Page Title and Meta Description)

Step 6

Shopify Setting Option

Shopify Setting


  1. General (You can Get Store Details On Shopify General Option).
  2. Taxes (You Can change Tax and GST on Shopify Taxes).
  3. Seals Chanel (Adding Seals Website).
  4. Payment Provider (Add Payment Gateway).
  5. Location. 
  6. Plan Permission.
  7.  Checkout.
  8. Notification (Manage and Send Notification to Customer).
  9. Billing. 
  10. Shipping. 
  11. Files.
  12. Legal.

How To Install WP Shopify on Your WordPress 

Only two way to install wp Shopify on your WordPress. Please Follow All Step.

Step 1

  • Ope WordPress website.
  • Open Add Plugin and Search Wp Shopify. 
  • Now Open Install This Plugin.
  • You can see connect option.

Step 2

Now You Nedd to API code and Your Side Url and API Password You need to all things. First Of All Go to Shopify Site And Login your Dashboard.

You Can See App Option Click then Make A Privet App. 

You need to create permission all options Read And Write. Then click Create

Then You Can Get

  • API Code.
  • API Secret Code
  •  site Url

Copy all of them and pest your wp Shopify. Then Click to Connect. Now Shopify Plugin WordPress Successfully Connect to your WordPress. You can Manage or upload Product on using this Plugin.

Second Way product sells your WordPress Site without WP Shopify Plugin. 

First Of All, Follow All Steps.

Upload Product without wp Shopify plugin

Step 1

  1. Open Your Shopify Website And Login Your Dashboard.
  2. Click to Shopify Sales  Option.
  3. Shopify-Saels
  4. Click To Sales Channels.
  5. Shopify-Ad-Sales-Chanel
  6. Then you can See Lot Of Option Click to Shopify Buy now Button.
  7. Shopify-Buy-Now-Buootn
  8. Then Click Click Plus Button Add

Now Success Fully Buy Now Button Add Shopify Dashboard. 

Step 2 

Fist of All, Need to Configure Buy Now Button For Add Product.

  1. Create Buy Now Button.
  2. Create Buy Now Button
  3. Note – Before Creating Buy Now Button Please Upload Product.
  4. Click Product Buy Now Button.
  5. Chose Your Product and Clicked Next.
  6. This Page You can Design Your Buy now Button Arrange.
  7. Click to Next Copy This Code.
  8. And Pest Your Site.

Now Successfully Your Product Add Your Site through the buy Button without wp Shopify plugin. Any person purchases your product from wp website.


Now, this is Fully Configured Wp Shopify and How To setup Shopify. IF You like Our Article please Shere and Join Our Official Facebook Page and Subscribe Our Channel.

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