Top 10+ Most Powerful Tested Best CDN Providers 2019

Top 10+ Most Powerful Tested Best CDN Providers 2019

Best CDN Providers 2019 (Content Delivery Network)


Hello, Bloggers, are you looking for Best CDN Providers? And you are facing this all problem on your website. Do you have a website but your website going to slow down and your hosting server is very is not catching high traffic on your website. Do you think your site is some time down?. And you don’t know when your site is down or up?

CDN (Content Delivery Network) if you are looking for a Good CDN  Providers and Best CDN Service. CDN Through you can get Lots of os service and best improvement on your website. Indian and outside of India No 1 Blogger Whose website Ranked on Google, Google’s number one position. Those people use the CDN service.

What is CDN?(CDN Providers)

Simple Word CDN Men’s Content Delivery Network. Content Men’s Your post this is delivered Your Hosting Server to Your Website Access User. CDN Services Through you Can increase your website Speed. CDN Service Speedy Your Cached your Content on CDN Server and Speedy Provider to End User.

How CDN Work and How to Get Speed Up My Website

Content Delivery Network CDN Server delivered work cached static and dynamic content from the website based Geographically location of the user.

Is CDN Server a Web Hosting Server?

Now You Think is CDN SERVER a web hosting server. CDN is not web hosting Server because CDN Server is a simple Content Delivery server. You have cached your website content store CDN server.  

Usually, All web hosting companies their server Keep only one location. When any user sent a request to access your website Article, your website is loading prolonged User leaves your site accessing another website. CDN also help you to Firstly access to content to deliver your website access user.

If you have too much traffic on your website, your web hosting server cannot load the high Traffic. Then your site goes down. Cdn is useful for you. Cdn cashed the contents of your website, images, videos, on CDN servers. When a user accesses your site, the request does not go to your web hosting server, goes to the CDN server. At the same time, the CDN server delivers those contents from the database itself to the user and in a speedy time. Then your website is not down.

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Benefits OF Using CDN Server


    • Increasing Loading Time:- The CDN server increases your website’s loading time. Your web hosting server is only available in one place. But the CDN server is accessible in all of the worlds. When a user has a nearby CDN server, send a request for your website, then the CDN server sends all content to the user. Then your website loading time is low.


  • Bandwidth Cost Reduced:-  Bandwith Cost is the most important for any website. 40% Website using CDN for Bandwith Cost. Any Hosting Company Provide Bandwith For Any Website Is Very Expensive. But if You Using CDN, CDN Bandwith is Lot of available. Cdn Just Cashed your website content on the CDN Server. You Don’t Need to Buy High Bandwith from Hosting Company. Because of You’re All website Content sent to the user through CDN. You can save your money.
  • Website Security Improving Using CDN:-All CDN Server Providing All Security for your website. From DDOS Attac and Also CDN Provides SSL Certificate for Free and Unlimited SSL certificate For All Website.

Note – All CDN Server Is not Providing Free CDN service. Only two CDN Providers Providing Free CDN Service. Keep this mind Any One is Not providing Free server. Free For Limited Time one Month Free Trial. If you Very Serious about your website so please Don’t Get Trial CDN. Buy Premium  Either You Don’t Need to buy.

Free CDN Vs Paid CDN Service

Why not use Free CDN?

Free CDN Premium CDN
1. Any One Cannot Provide For Free 1. Premium CDN is Fully Paid Service 
2. Free CDN Provide Minimum time of Service2. Premium CDN Provide Full time of Service
3. Free CDN Server Ability Minimum Number of Location 3. Premium CDN Ability All Location in the whole world.
4. Free CDN Providing Some of the Features4. Paid CDN Service Providing All Features.
5. Free CDN Service-Providing Only CDN SERVICE  5. Premium CDN Sevice (CDN, Load Balancing, You are under Attac, HTTP 2 ) etc.
6. You Can not Get any Guaranty For CDN Server Uptime.6. Server uptime 100%, 200% 250%.
7. No Suppor 7. Get Full-time Support through Live Chat and Phone 


This Scree Short From Cloudflare. They Are Providing Free Service and Paid Service. Only three Features Abhiable on Free Service and Three Type of Paid Service Cloud Flare.


Best CDN Provider 2019 List

10+ List of CDN Providers
  1. Google Cloud CDN
  2. Amazon Cloud Front CDN
  3. Cloud Flare CDN
  4. Cloudinary CDN
  5. Max CDN
  6. CacheFly CDN
  7. Sucuri CDN
  8. StacPath CDN
  9. AK Mai CDN
  10. Key CDN

1. Google Cloud CDN

Google World Largest Number One Company. Low Latency, Low-Cost Content Delivered to Whole Global Google Network. Google Have CDN Server All Over the world. Google is the Biggest CDN Network. When you Buy Google Cloud Storage, you can get CDN. Google service through you can reduce your website Loading time, Reduce your Storage, and Reduce Your Bandwith and using load balancing.

Google is the Best Cloud CDN Network. Cloud CDN Always Faster on globally close to any user. Google CDN through Faster Loading Speed, Faster Cached content, and get a single Public IP address. Easy to use Google CDN and secure management and Performance no Required DNS (Domain Name Service).

SSL and Configuration and Media Support 


    • Google CDN Service Provide Free SSL Certificate Do Not Pay Any Extra Cost or Money. You Can Get Free SSL Certificate (Http:// – Https://).
    • Configuration Is the most important for any CDN Server. But Google CDN Don’t Need to Any extra Configuration===Just Click CheckBox on CDN.
    • Media Support is the Best Things means you can upload Google CDN all type of Media (Ex- MP4, mp3, HD) Ect. All Type of Media File Support and Upload on your Google CDN Server


Price – 300$ Start Google Cloud Platform Try For Free

2.Amazon Claude Front CDN

One of the best and trusted Content delivery network is Amazon AWS. Amazon is the Biggest shopping company, and Amazon Network is a vast network. Amazon Network is Abhiable all location For access anytime and anywhere Amazon Service. You can get  Best Service From Amazon Aws Programm. The provide Service Best in the world. Amazon CDN Delivered the Network with Deta videos and MP3, Content, pages etc. within a second. Amazon CDN Through you can get high Traffic On your website. You can get Globally low Latency (1-10 ms). Amazon through you can protect your Site and data from DDoS attack and Security attack. Amazon cloud front easy to the configuration and their server also provides load balancing. 

Features and Location


  • Location: -Amazon Provide all place mainly the provide Indian. Bangalore and Chennai. You can see all the area Click here
  • Security:– Security is the most important for all CDN Network. Amazon is stringent for security purpose. Amazon using web Application firewall and saved your website for any attack from the internet. DDoS Attack, SQL Injection Etc. You can see the Security tab.
  • Amazon CDN using performance:– There server performance is excellent. Their server using 100 location. Latency is very low. Excellent service and Support and delivered your website static and dynamic content for your physical site. For more details, click the Performance tab.

Pricing – Contact To Sales (12 Months Free Trial)

3) Cloudflare CDN (Indian people Love this CDN)

Cloudflare CDN Everybody knows this CDN Website. Cloud flare is the best and free CDN website for every small blogger. All Small Blogger facing this Mejor problem website loading is very slow. Those who know they are upgrading to the Cloudflare CDN website. But those who do not know they use different plugins. Can not fix the website’s performance.

Cloudflare CDN is the best and free and paid CDN website. With Cloudflare, you can increase website speed, and you can strengthen the website’s security. Various hackers try to hack websites through DDoS and SQL Injection. Cloudflare will protect your website from hacking.

Cloudflare Trusted Company List 


  • Marketo
  • Digital ocean
  • Discord
  • IBM
  • Udacity
  • Zecndesk
  • Reuters

Features of Cloudflare


  1. Performance:– Cloudflare performance is very good for every mobile user and computer user delivery Content. Globally user experience through Access Mobile and computer is very first. Hefty pages deliver fast time to Cloudflare.
  2. Security:- Security is the most important for any CDN server. Various type of attack is available on the internet. Most of the hacker using DDoS attack, Deta Theft Attempt, Bots attack. Cloudflare using security firewall. If anyone is trying to attack your website. Cloudflare firewall save your website using (YOU ARE UNDER ATTACK SERVICE)
  3. Cloudflare Reliability:- Cloudflare is the Global Network. Huge DNS queries per day (170 billion). 18 Billions e-comers website and blog website.

Pricing Start – $20 Per Months

4) Cloudinary (Image and Video Upload)

Cloudinary CDN is the best CDN website for images and video platform. This Website Provide four type of service 1) Image Management. 2) Video Management.  3) Digital Asset Management. 4) Media Management For E-commerce Website Like Flipcard Amazon. 

Image Management is the best option for Blogger and website. Most of Blogger using high-quality images for there website. Then Website Loading Very Slow Bounce Rate very high. This Time Need CDN (Content Delivery Network). CDN through your can upload high-quality images on your website then your website loading very first.

Video Management This is very important for the Part for Movie Website and Video Website. Amazon Prime and Hulu and HotStar are all big companies if they upload videos to their hosting servers. Their website goes very slow. Because of this, they do not upload any videos to the hosting server. The hosting server only posts content. They use all these CDN servers for video and image. The Hotstar and Amazon websites are never slow loading for this.

Digital Asset is the type of Media Supporting All Devices Mobile phone and computer and tablet. All images or videos supported for all device.

Features of Cloudnary


  1. Image Manipulation:– Cloudnary Providing Best Of Features for Image Manipulation for any images. You can get manipulation highlight images (Face Thumble, Resize and Corp, Circular Thumble, Effect And Zoom Images, Watermark on Image Overlay, Text Overlay Border and Shadow) Etc. You can get Ten types of Images effects and Features.
  2. Videos Transcoding Features:- You can get Video Manipulation and Transcoding. You Can Easily Convert Your all type of videos (MP4, MOV, HD, 3GP, 3G2, WebM, Mpeg, FLV) Etc. all kind of video auto-converted for all device.
  3. You can find a lot of Features from Cloudnary. Go and Checkout


You can get Three types of Plan


5) Max CDN (WordPress CDN)

Now Another And Propuler CDN Is Max CDN. Max CDN also work Stackpath CDN. You can speed up your WordPress site using max CDN. Some of the website using max CDN and they tell us feedback. Max CDN is excellent.

Max CDN installation setup is straightforward on your WordPress. Max CDN through you can remove your purga Chaches on your website don’t need to install extra plugin w3total cached and wp super cache. You can advanced Control cached For Another CDN website. This CDN also provides highspeed SSDs with advanced cached technique

This CDN Also Provide Free SSL certificate(secure sell certificate). You can get Http – Https for free using max CDN.


Performance:- Max CDN and stack path CDN is the Same. The Server is also available all location in the world. This CDN server also helps you to purga cached and speed up your website and latency is very low.

Security – Security is the most important on Every CDN website. Max CDN Provide SSL Certificate for free and your WordPress safe from hackers. This CDN Provide security firewall and DDoS attack and SQL Injection attack. You can get the Https

Prising:- Max CDN Pricing (Three types of plane Available)

6)  CacheFly CDN 

CachFly CDN is the Best Another CDN in WordPress. You can Buy CachFly CDN from the official website. Cachehfly CDN is very faster compare to another CDN website. Cachefly CDN 10X Faster for delivery content and better Delivery from content and media file

CachFl CDN for image and Media And Content Delivery on the world. Cachefly CDN SERVER ABHIABLE all the places and Most of the Big Company Working With cache fly CDN ser Like VODAFONE AND LG Etc.

CacheFly CDN Support Service also excellent. 24×7 Any time Support Service available



    • Performance:- Performance is the most important for any CDN or any service provider. CacheFly Providing ULTRA LOW LATENCY VIDEO STREMMING SERVICE. This service also helps you to Low latency video without buffering video Playing Service For Any Device and Any time. CacheFly Also Providing MULTI CDN Features For Closest User Delivery HOsting Content And Images.


  • Security:- CachFly Security Service using COR Security. Bot Manage, DDoS Protection. API Protection and Network/Malware Protection Cachefly CDN.

Pricing Start245$ Per Month.

7) Sucuri CDN (Website Security)

Sucuri CDN Is the Best CDN For Security Most important any WordPress website. Sucuri CDN is the Best and No #1 Company for CDN. Sucuri CDN for DDoS Attack and Website Security Firewall Protection. This CDN Website Through Any Hackers Cannot Hack your website.

Most of Hacker sending spam request on your website Sucuri CDN help to you For Security based Spam request and Protect your site. Anyone user requests your website this CDN SERVER scan all application before going to hosting server content.

You can a lot of benefits using Sucuri CDN basically Security based.



    • Performance:– Sucuri CDN website performance is excellent. You can be improved your website speed 70% uptime for caching Global Content Delivery server. You can get Multiple Caching with multiple CDN networks Protection and Speed Optimization on the network.  UPTIME is available 24  hours on the day, and you can get uptime on your website.


  • Security:– Sucuri CDN Security best website all of the security protection provided This CDN Website. Now Your Website is saved from to hacker.
    • Malware and Hack Scan Frequency.
    • Hack and Malware Removal.
    • Advanced DDoS Protection
    • Free SSL Certificate
    • Customer Support 24X7 (With Emergency Support)


Price Starting – $199.99 Per Year

8)Stack Path CDN 

StackPath CDN is the most popular CDN On WordPress if you think to buy Stackpath CDN. This CDN through you can get a lot of features. This CDN Server is available in the whole world. Northamarika, Euron, South Amerika and all other places.

This CDN security features and service is excellent. This CDN Server using high-performance Device. Layer 3 and high scalable Switching and routing functions. They are using high-performance Connectivity 100GBPS. They are using a very high speed of Server Smart Nic Technology SSDS.



    • Performance:- Performance is outstanding Because they are providing a high-Speed server and using Layer 3 Device routing and switching for Security purpose. Most of The Company using this CDN Server. This CDN Server is available all of the location every CDN closest user. They are using Virtualmation technology and without Cording. StackPath CDN Providing Free Static Ip (Live IP)


  • Security Protection:– Security Features Also Very Good. Protect your website Using DDoS Attack and Boot Attack. StackPath CDN Using Web Security Firewall. There Server Protection Every Server Physical Security (Biometric and Live Camera Monitoring and Humen Verification). Security Features is Excellent.

Partner Programm:– Stack CDN Also Providing Partner Programm For Affiliated Marketing.

Pricing:- They are Providing Different type of Pricing with Features

9) Akamai CDN

Akamai CDN This is the another BEST CDN PROVIDER 2019. Akamai CD providing Globally cloud Distribute Cloud Server. Any Customer or user requesting your content the content delivered through Akamai CDN to Closed user. Akamai CDN using various type of security protection any hacker want to hack your website Akamai web Firewall protect your website from the hacker. Akamai Cloud Server is available on Every location in the world.

Akamai Support is the better support purpose of CDN 24X7. This CDN SERVER using for customer service highly bandwidth Server. This CDN high components device and High SSD. Security Purpose every time is monitoring their server. Digitel time Security extraordinarily matters for every website and Server. They are Collecting all Deta from the user means Live IP, Comments, Spam Comments etc. They are scanning on every request to on the website because hacker using all type of tools for hack website that’s why they are monitoring

Akamai CDN the server protects your website DDoS attack and SQL Injection Various type of Attack.

Akamai CDN Product and Features

    • Security:Akamai CDN Security is perfect. 2019 Every Day Hacker Give to a threat to all CDN and another server. That’s why Akamai CDN Intalegent Security Providing all there server. They are providing Best Security Solution Various type of Attack. They are Protect API Attack. They are Reduced Risk Posted by the Threat DDoS Attack and Maintenance Internet Facing Application. Akamai CDN Protect from Malware Attack. Akamai DNS through increasing your website 76 percentage. And Akamai CDN DNS Server Abailibity on global All closed User. There DNS Server Protecting DDoS Attack. Akamai DNS Through You Can Increase Your Website Traffic. Now Save Your Website.


  • Performance:- Performance Is Very Excellent because they are providing Best of Features and Product with Protect Security. Akamai CDN Through Firstly Access Content or Media One Mobile Or Laptop/ Computer. Increase Online Conversation to User. Dynamic Site Accelerator, Network Optimization Delivered Content Dynomacilly. Delivered Firstly Content To Every User. They Are Providing Network Capability Demand On WebTraffice Delivered Content Protect with SSL Certificate to the user. Optimisation, Akamai CDN Delivered Image Optimization Automatically Capability On User Device. Akamai CDN Reduced offloading Video and Images Creation Delivery and Storage.  Akamai Global CDN Loadbalancing and Management Traffic, Akamai CDN Optimize Network Availability so the user always visite your website or Application. Akamai CDN Through You can optimise your video Supported any device with High Quality and All Format. This CDN Automatically Increase your Video Quality. You Can Provide Live Stremming Access to User without Any Loading Using Akamai CDN.

Pricing:- Pricing Start (Free Trials)

10) Key CDN

Key CDN is another Propeller CDN. This CDN Server Abhiable on Global Network. KeyCDN Providing Images Optimization and First Speed to All Closed User. Key CDN through you can improve your Speed on WordPress Website. Key CDN Network Abhiable Small Website to Top 10 Website. They are Providing 24X7 Customer Support. Key CDN Network Abhiable ONE Global Network.

Features and Performance and Security


    • Performance:- Performace is very Excellent, and You can Improve your website speed. This CDN Server is available on Global Network. Key CDN Using High Components Server For Better Speed. Support Abhiable 24×7.


  • Security:- Security service is also excellent, and There server protects your Website to Hackers. Keycdn Using Security Firewall and DDoS Protection and SQL Injection. Etc.


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